'Destination D23' dates announced for the 2023 event at Walt Disney World which will include 'exciting announcements'

Dec 08, 2022 in "D23 - Official Fan Organization"

Posted: Thursday December 8, 2022 1:11pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

D23, the official Disney Fan Club, today announced dates for the 2023 Destination D23 event at Walt Disney World.

Disney's biggest fan event of 2023 will take place September 8 - 10 2023, at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

According to Disney, "Fans will be among the first to hear exciting announcements and see sneak peeks from the many worlds of Disney—and relive favorite memories with behind-the-scenes stories, special guests, and so much more at this epic event."

Last year's Destination D23 was headlined with a presentation by parks boss Josh D'Amaro, which included a couple of announcements about returning entertainment to Walt Disney World.

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Kamikaze11 days ago

That's all large conventions though. You're trying to pack a ton of people and events into a short period of time. Its always rushed and crazy. Not Disney's fault.

bruny22311 days ago

Any idea when tickets will go on sale for this?

donsullivan22 days ago

Nope. Unless you are staying at Contemporary, they aggressively enforce the parking restrictions during those events. Everyone is supposed to park at MK guest parking. If you’re staying at another Disney resort, just take a bus to MK and walk over.

DisneyWorld30th24 days ago

For those of you have attended in the past, how does the parking work? Can attendees park at the Contemporary Resort to attend the conference?

NotCalledBobJan 02, 2023

I feel like saying something positive today. I just watched a video posted by Natacha Rafalski. She's fab. And Paris has actually been quite exciting recently. The 30th is much more interesting than the 50th at WDW. We need to see more of her.

DisneyDebRobJan 02, 2023

I realize that. My mistake on the wording. I do believe you know what I meant.

NotCalledBobJan 02, 2023

And sacrifice my platinum Mickey?!?!

MisterPenguinJan 02, 2023

You should definitely cancel your D23 membership in protest.

NotCalledBobJan 02, 2023

Oooooops. How did not one executive stop everyone and say. Hey guys. We have nothing to present to everyone this year. Let's go and do a bit of prancing around on stage in FL, and then bring D23 back with a bang during the 100th when we actually have something to say? Not one executive? Really?? And I actually believe they could have sold this to Chapek. The guy hated fan events.

MousertainmentJan 02, 2023

But... but... BLUE SKY!!! And WHAT IF?!?!?!?!!!!! And... and... fountains! 'n stuff... ;)

JoeCamelJan 02, 2023

Generally we get something of substance out of all the attempts to be master showmen but last year was pretty much "wha"

MousertainmentJan 02, 2023

They've had years to get the Expo right and they've yet to manage it, pandemic or not. It's always been chaotic and exhausting but still generally worth going for one day IMO.

JoeCamelJan 02, 2023

They probably should have tried it with training wheels before they got up on the big bike again given the results.....

MousertainmentJan 02, 2023

For reference, the larger CA-based D23 Expos were originally run in odd-numbered years and the smaller FL-based Destination D events were held in even-numbered years, so the Expo would have logically landed in Anaheim for 2023 for the 100 year anniversary of the company. However, the pandemic meant no events were held in 2020 or 2021 and rather than just picking up with the smaller FL event in 2022 and having the bigger CA event in 2023, someone made the decision to run the missed 2021 Expo in CA in 2022, which threw off all future events on the calendar. So FL wound up with the small event for 2023 instead of CA's large convention which originally would have had it. Doesn't make sense to me to have done it that way, but obviously it made sense to someone at Disney.