Annual Passholder dining discount drops to 10% for 2018

Dec 27, 2017 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Wednesday December 27, 2017 10:24am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The special 45th Anniversary offer for Annual Passholders that offered a 20% discount at 45 restaurants ended December 23, and in its place comes a reduced discount offered at more locations.

Effective December 24 2017, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will receive a 10 percent discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at all Walt Disney World Resort owned and operated table service restaurants (excluding Victoria and Albert’s) and dinner shows through December 31 2018.

There are no block-out dates, and the offer is valid for the Passholder and up to 3 guests.

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HauntedPirateJan 08, 2018

Looks like there is no longer an AP or DVC discount at the resorts for consumables, like groceries. We used to get that discount at all resorts, but it may have changed for 2018, as it's in the "Excludes" wording on the Passholder site now - 'pantry/prepared foods'. "Squeeze guests a little harder, there are still a few pennies to be wrung from them!" ;) Edit: I did find the wording in the 2017 'Excludes' list, but we were still getting the discount last year so maybe it's been gone longer?

RustySporkJan 04, 2018

I'm not sure that number is a million, but sure.

Buried20KLeagueJan 04, 2018

There are a million Disney places to go that don't involve Florida. ;)

DisneyCaneJan 04, 2018

Merchandise has MUCH higher margins than food and no capacity issues. No additional staffing is potentially needed to support the additional benefit. They lose a bit on margins unless the increase in sales from passholders is huge but as a "marketing cost" for pass sales, the extra 10% is much more palatable on merchandise than on food.

disney4life2008Jan 04, 2018

Out of curiosity has Ohana always had an annual pass discount prior to the 45th?

21stampsJan 04, 2018

Thanks! All I cared about was coffee.. but we were running late, no time to hit up a drive thru.

Tony the TiggerJan 03, 2018

...but you wouldn't go to Friday's.

RustySporkJan 03, 2018

Cracker Barrel, IHOP, Chick-fil-a, even Dunkin. Yeah, there are a few ok options over there that are all better than McD.

DizmunkJan 03, 2018

Chuys on 192 has free food m-f happy hour 4-7. Chips, ground beef, refried beans, nacho cheese dip and salsa. You just have to sit in bar area and pay for drinks. We make a meal out of it at least once on our trips. Culvers on 192 is excellent inexpensive food- butterburgers and frozen custard-delicious! We usually drive there for lunch or dinner on our Animal Kingdom days- take Sherberth rd to 192- super quick

JoeCamelJan 03, 2018

But if you go that way it is worth it to hit Chick-fil-a and have almost real food rather than McD's

21stampsJan 03, 2018

I always pick a resort where I know I’ll like the food..If I’m there for a few days or more. We ate a late dinner when arrived at All Star Sports in November, once in their QS was enough for me. I didn’t even get coffee in the morning bc I didn’t want to deal with the madness..waited until we got to AK to eat and get caffeine. The smart thing would have been to drive thru McDonalds for a quick sandwhich and coffee to tide us over on the way...especially the coffee to bring me into the land of living until I could get another at the park ;)

21stampsJan 03, 2018

That make sense if you’re leaving anyway. I would most likely do the same.

BocabearJan 03, 2018

You can be sure that will go away in a year or two following their current trajectory.....

durangojimJan 03, 2018

I’m just glad the merchandise discount is still 20%. Using the app we don’t have to pay tax and that pretty much feeds my wife’s Donetsk and Burke addiction.