Big reduction on Annual Passholder discounts at Walt Disney World mini-golf courses and boat rentals

Jan 22, 2015 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Thursday January 22, 2015 10:39am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Annual Passholder discounts have been updated for 2015 and contain a couple of significant changes for any of you who use the discounts for recreational activities.

  • The mini-golf discount that has been at 50% for many years now has been reduced to just 15%. This applies to both Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens.

  • The marina boat rental discount has been reduced from 30% to 15%.
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actioncookbookJan 27, 2015

For what it's worth, I contacted Disney about the drop in discount. The Guest Services CM I spoke with wasn't aware of the reduction, did some research, got back to me and said that they shared my concerns and were surprised themselves about the 35% reduction. Then.....the Disney magic kicked in. The CM offered to send a $25 gift card. I didn't demand anything. I didn't ask for a refund. They just did it. And that's quality. Call it shut up money, call it whatever you want but going out of the way to give a guest something for free to do something nice is what I like about Disney. I still will probably skip mini golf, but it's nice that they're willing to do something small.

note2001Jan 26, 2015

Every time I saw that 50% discount listed I thought it was a typo, and was supposed to read 5%. Maybe it really was a typo after all, it just took them years to discover it. :rolleyes:

HRHPrincessArielJan 26, 2015

i want

mm121Jan 26, 2015

Is mini golf really THAT popular that they were somehow losing money? I would think the discount would ensure a steady stream of visitors rather than letting these facilities sit idol at times. 15% is barely even worth the paper its printed on, why not go from 50 to ZERO. Disney is getting ridiculous. I would think with the parks being so crowded they'd want to ENCOURAGE not DISCOURAGE annual pass holders to do activities outside of the parks.

jakemanJan 26, 2015

I honestly can't stop staring at this. Only I can go. I don't think flynn has an annual pass.

sjhym333Jan 26, 2015

Ok, ok. One of you go to Frontierland and the other go to Tomorrowland and I don't wan't to see either of you until you can behave.

afb28Jan 26, 2015

jakemanJan 26, 2015

Yeah, I'm not sure I'm the joke here buddy. You're the one about to throw a clot over a mini golf discount. A financial decision shouldn't be made on variable and historically volatile (relatively) component of it. That's my point. That's my only point. Just because a bunch of people do look at it that way doesn't make it a sound financial purchase. As to your "huge portion" which started this diatribe, you're making an assumption that supports your argument that may not be correct. Just because something returns a bunch of Google hits isn't representative of the actual popularity relevance to the purchase. What if, and follow me here, all that information eventually drives people in the opposite direction? EDIT: As a point of reference, Toyota Corolla returns about the same number of hits as Annual Pass Discount (or whatever variation I used) and I'm pretty sure there aren't 55 million Corollas on the road. Of course I'm realizing that I'm debating the purchase motives of millions of people I don't know with someone who compares repeat Disney visitors to domestic abuse victims, so I'm off to take a shower. It's a little scummy in this thread.

flynnibusJan 26, 2015

You're comical... first you attack me as being baseless, then I use a well established site (that is as old as the dinosaurs on the online disney space) as a point of reference and you try to turn that into another attack because I cited something? What a joke. And you top it off by moving the goal posts to avoid getting cornered. Some piece of work... Why don't you just ignore this thread since you are in such strong denial about the topic's relevance to people. Obviously it doesn't fit 'your needs'.

jakemanJan 26, 2015

Uh oh...someone is leveraging the power of the Googles to make a point! Just because many people do it, doesn't mean it's a good financial decision.

flynnibusJan 26, 2015

Or simple common sense kicks in - that people buy passes for more than just pass cost/# of park days they plan on visiting... hence why there are all those pages out there about justifications of AP breakevens, TiW, resort discount stalking, etc. Or, they are all just figments of my imagination and out of town AP holders exist primarily they plan on staying more than 10 days a year. Heck.. someoone mail Deb @ Allears.. this entire page is a waste of space. According to jakeman it should just be replaced with a single line "do you go more than 10 days a year? yes/no" My evidence (as is everyone's) is by definition anecdotal because Disney doesn't release the numbers to anyone. But you can pay attention to the last 15+ years of topics of interest to APs, what content is popular, what frequently comes up, and what people share. Or you can dig in and attack people claiming they don't leave this bubble. Wear your badge proud.

jakemanJan 26, 2015

Yet you're making assumption without any facts about the reason people purchase passes. I'm not disputing the demographic of the WDW AP holder, what I am disputing is the conclusion you are drawing with no evidence beyond anecdotal musings on a website that represents a fraction of a percent of the annual attendance at WDW as to the motivation for purchasing an annual pass. Really, you're just looking to argue and you're not doing a good job of it, but I guess that could probably be your signature here couldn't it?

dreamfinderJan 26, 2015

FL Residents are also eligible to purchase TiW, albeit at a $25 surcharge. Give you a taste. The discounts that are offered to AP for dining are also offered to Disney Visa cardholders, and some for DVC as well. Most of them are for a very limited subset of restaurants, and typically for lunch only. For instance, many of the Epcot TS will give an AP 10% off for lunch, but not dinner. People seem to associate a TS in Epcot with dinner, so lunch is often a slower period, so the discount helps to bring in traffic that would otherwise be elsewhere.

betty roseJan 26, 2015

I have an annual pass, and live in Denver. Six in our family, us, kids and grand kids. We played Minnie golf. lol Will not be doing that anymore. After this year, coming is once a year for us. We will no longer get an annual pass, or tables wonder land. Just throwing that out.:confused: