Get a free Orlando Magic player jersey with purchase or renewal of a Walt Disney World Annual Pass

Oct 18, 2017 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Wednesday October 18, 2017 8:49am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning today, you can get a free Orlando Magic player jersey with the purchase or renewal of a Walt Disney World Annual Pass.

  1. Visit one of the Disney Ticket Center’s located within the main Amway Center Team Shop on the Event Level or behind Section 109 on the Terrace Level (Game night’s only)
  2. Select your Blue or White Swingman Jersey
  3. Make it your own (Optional) – customization is $19.95 + taxes (or prevailing rate)
  4. Redeem at the Team Shop on the Event Level or the Team Shop behind Section 117 on the Terrace Level (Game night’s only)

The offer is available from October 18 2017 through October 1 2018, or while supplies last,

Find out more at the NBA site.

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eliza61nycOct 19, 2017

you could do both if you brought 2 separate passes. As someone mentioned folks this is aimed at a very small segment. I doubt if the gurus at Disney thought they would have droves of folks trying to take advantage of this. first of all you have to be at the arena to get the deal so one would assume it's geared toward basketball fans. If you've ever been to a NBA game you know they always have some type of "give away". It's a nice little bonus if you are a basketball fan and a disney fan. My son's are both

disneygeek90Oct 19, 2017

So you can do one or the other, but not both?

shortstopOct 19, 2017

Yep, this is more about being a draw to Magic games and less about being a perk for AP holders. Also, it looks like the promotion will continue through next October, so you can maybe pick one up next summer!

NearTheEarsOct 19, 2017

Agreed. I’m sure this is more to market the Magic than Disney anyway. The benefits of their new partnership.

NearTheEarsOct 19, 2017

Our passes always renew the last week of July, so we keep missing these specials. We missed it when the silver pass was introduced with free parking. We missed the initial offering of a 13th month free. And now a free Magic jersey. I’m a CAVS fan, but would have gladly picked up a jersey for one of my Orlando-area coworkers. Oh, well. Not complaining, we just seem to renew at a bad time.

wendysueOct 19, 2017

Good to hear the bonus month is still an option. Definitely take that over a shirt.

Launchpad McQuackOct 19, 2017

This. It just seems like a non-issue to me. I won't be renewing my annual pass (which expires in December) because we aren't planning on going back until 2019, mostly due to Baby #2 coming within the next six weeks or so, but this isn't something that would urge me to renew or to not renew. It's not for me. If someone wants to take advantage of it, that's fine. It's not going to cost me anything or affect my future trips. They aren't going to stop me at the gate and rough my family up for not wearing Magic jerseys.

RSoxNo1Oct 19, 2017

I needed 7 forms of ID to get my 6 cent Food and Wine Button, I can only assume I'll have to give up my first born for this.

shortstopOct 18, 2017

I don’t see why everyone is being so negative about it. If you’re a local who likes WDW and the Orlando Magic, this is really cool.

CJROct 18, 2017

Seems like a lot of work to get a free jersey. I'll pass.

Gabe1Oct 18, 2017

I took the bonus month again. 13 month AP over 12 month. I never wanted any NBA shirts so this wouldn't have been a draw for me.

disneygeek90Oct 18, 2017

To be fair, it is Orlando's only pro team within the "big 3."

dreamfinderOct 18, 2017

This. Technically it's Disney the parent company that is the jersey sponsor, and not WDW. Someone in their respective marketing departments thought a joint promotion might work.

rocketraccoonOct 18, 2017

What else would a theme park sponsor though?