Disney Parks Pass availability improved for Annual Passholders including Disney's Hollywood Studios in August

Aug 14, 2020 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

The Disney Parks Pass inventory has been reorganized with more availability for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

Most notably, Disney's Hollywood Studios is once again available from August 24 through to the end of the month, including weekends. Availability is also significantly better in September, with many days having full availability across all four parks.

View the availability calendar.

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Article Posted: Aug 14, 2020 / 3:15pm ET
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DisneyCane1 day ago

Interesting that DHS is available for Passholders for some days in early october that aren't available for resort guests. I've not seen that before.

DCBaker1 day ago

More availability has opened back up this morning for all parks in October -

JoeCamel6 days ago

That "sounds dangerous"

Magic Feather7 days ago

Some spots have a "fall break" that week, others might take the opportunity to make their own fall break based on the holiday.

Tom Morrow7 days ago

I'm seeing DHS as unavailable from October 9th through the 16th. I know the weekend through Monday could be due to Columbus Day, but what about the rest of the week would be causing that?

Touchdown8 days ago

I know this sounds like a way too simple but here’s an idea, “We realize that during these difficult times many features you expect as part of a Walt Disney World vacation are not available due to safety. Due to this, we are offering park hopper free for a limited time. Your ability to park hop is subject to availability, and is not guaranteed. A limited amount of Hopper tickets will become available on the my Disney experience app at 1:00pm every day.“ Sounds simple, fair and pro customer right? That’s why Disney will never do it.

Gillyanne8 days ago

12 Oct is a holiday for some, so maybe people just planned around that, but the APs are back to work the 13th?

JohnD8 days ago

What's going on October 9-16 where DHS is blocked out to resort guests and ticket holders but AP holders have access to all parks October 13-15????

DisneyCane22 days ago

I'm guessing the reason they aren't doing it is that since it would be a real time determination on availability (and therefore not guaranteed), they could only do it for Passholders. They can't sell a park hopper add on and then say you'll have to see if the park you want to hop to has availability. Since allowing Passholder hopping would not lead to very much revenue (for me they'd get some because I like to hop to Epcot just for food), it isn't worth allowing it. It would be pretty simple to implement if they wanted to. Just let the software allow same day additional reservations be made by Passholders after a certain time.

DCBaker22 days ago

Looks like some more availability opened up again in all three buckets -

DznyGrlSD29 days ago

That's not the case for me - I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of going. I live about 20 minutes from AK and I like going every weekend. I typically book a park reservation for every Sunday. But the other nice thing is, I don't have to spend the entire day at the park either. I went to EPCOT last Saturday from about 2p-8p and it was perfect. I would LIKE to be able to pop over to a park after work sometime but once the parks start closing earlier, it just wouldn't make sense (I work 'til 5pm).

EPCOT-O.G.29 days ago

I thought about that. It’s also a weird time because most are back in school and its a midweek trip (next Tuesday and Weds).

techgeek29 days ago

It will be interesting to see if AP's show up to fill those slots, or if demand will level off. One issue I foresee is that from the pool of local AP's that were interested in the first place, most have likely now had their opportunity to make the rounds. Out of those, there's going to be a good % that don't plan to make return visits... because masks, because limited offerings, because they've seen it all twice and had their fill... whatever the reasons. Add to that those that don't see the value in renewing as their APs start expiring, on top of no new sales open to replace lost numbers. All these things add up to the reality that this mythical pool of passholder demand to 'save' park attendance might not even be there. In my personal case, we've had our fill. We've been to the parks, had our experiences, marveled at the surrealness of it all and will be letting our APs expire quietly in early October. We likely won't be pulling a lot of park passes between now and then, if we do it will be decided day-of and just to stop in for a few hours to AK or EPCOT.

DVCakaCarlF29 days ago

I’m curious to see if and how they keep the park hopping with park reservations.