Annual Passholder complimentary magnet distribution now available at Epcot

Jun 13, 2018 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2018 8:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Annual Passholders can now pickup a complimentary passholder magnet at Mouse Gear in Epcot's Future World.

Stop by Mouse Gear from park open to park close to get your Donald Duck pass holder magnet by showing your Annual Passholder card and photo ID.

The magnet distribution will be available until June 29 2018.

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slappy magooJul 21, 2018

My 2 cents which will never happen - include park hopping with every ticket, or at least a smaller fee for a one time only hop ($15-20). It will improve attendance at the parks people consider a half day park if they know they didnt "waste " a ticket for a whole day there, and if one park is unexpectedly busy, gives them an option to split to another park

PatchesleeJul 21, 2018

This right here. DH has said multiple times we won't go for a couple years after SW opens because he doesn't want to deal with "those kind of crowds". This year we didn't cause of $$$. Considering out of state pass rates there's no way we would buy, don't have enough vacation days to break even on those. I've convinced him to go next June since SW won't open till Fall, but then it'll be a long wait. 😣

deeevoJul 06, 2018

Glad I keep those Gold Passes for the summer access..... Voldemort is reporting the Summer Add-on Pass will include access on all days (including weekends for those Week Day Select Passholders who purchase the add-on). The price of the ticket is $89.00 plus tax and it includes the ability to park hop between the 3 parks.

HauntedPirateJun 28, 2018

I think word-of-mouth is affecting Epcot these days, and still affecting DHS to a lesser extent. Whenever I read about someone asking which parks to visit (particularly with kids), it's always MK and AK which are recommended, and Epcot and DHS are "avoids". I don't see how Rat and GotG are going to fix that for Epcot, and sadly a lot of families are going to still skip DHS even after SW:GE opens due to the crowds it will inevitably attract for a while. :(

MattMJun 28, 2018

Was on vacation for bit but wanted to follow up. May #'s right as they should be. Didn't notice light crowds at Epcot Monday, but I won't go making long term trend predictions based on my one day personal experience ;)

Disney Dad 3000Jun 27, 2018

I don't have any scientific data to share, merely my experience and what I saw, but I unfortunately didn't experience any light crowds on my visit 14-24th. HS might be the one I could say maybe there was a slight difference but I think that's been common with all the closures. I was able to shift around FP for TOT and RNR somewhat easily. I did pop back over to catch MM after it reopened and got on a few times. A few empty rows at fantasmic. MK was it's normal self my 3 weekdays there. Took hour plus for wait/ride small world, most attractions that weren't a mountain or mine cart with waits 45-60 min. Pathways pretty busy. AK pretty busy until late at night. Epcot seemed normal. Waits were normal if not higher on some attractions like JII. Gran Fiesta was a 10-15 min wait which wouldn't be much for most anything but that has almost aways been walk on or 3-5 min tops.

tissandtullyJun 25, 2018

Attendance at Epcot has been noticeably dead. No wonder they are freaking out.

drod1985Jun 25, 2018

Yeah, it was. Usually I try to avoid MK on the weekends, but my three prior MK trips were all on Saturdays and none were as brutal as this.

MansionButler84Jun 25, 2018

Was this over the weekend? MK is always packed anymore, especially on weekends but also on every day that ends in 'y'.

drod1985Jun 25, 2018

Silver pass members who decided to take advantage of the lifted blackout dates. We're Florida natives, so we usually know better than to brave WDW during the summer months. But we wanted to try and make it up for our son to see Disney Jr. Live before it closes. Big mistake. Magic Kingdom was miserably packed. Epcot was relatively crowded as well. Those crowds combined with the heat made us cut our trip short. It just wasn't worth it compared to the quieter trips we've taken in the last few months.

spectromagic04Jun 19, 2018

I was at Epcot today and I would say it was pretty dead. Animal Kingdom on the other hand was packed today until around 9pm when it started to really empty out.

MattMJun 18, 2018

I'll let you know when I see it. I dont have any reason to cheer one way or the other. I'll tell you exactly what they're saying, good or bad.

LSLSJun 17, 2018

Ok. Should be interesting to see how this early to mid june stacks up when the numbers come out. Thanks for the info.

disneygeek90Jun 16, 2018

Thanks! Just grabbed mine and I didn’t see the original article.