Annual Passholders can pick up a special holiday magnet at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Dec 01, 2017 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Friday December 1, 2017 8:47am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Celebrate the holidays at Disney’s Hollywood Studios—and pick up a special holiday magnet.

This Passholder gift is available December 1 through December 17, 2017 at the following retail locations: Mickey’s of Hollywood, Celebrity 5 & 10 and Once Upon a Time.

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MagicHappens1971Dec 15, 2017

To get one all you have to do is go to a merchandise location in DHS and show your pass and ID

Monorail_Red_77Dec 07, 2017

We will be there on the 16th. That was my first choice, until I checked the park hours and DHS closes at 6pm to regular guest that night. So no special holiday stuff like jingle bell jingle bam or the tower projections. They have a hard ticket event from 6 till midnight. So I’ll be running in around 2 pm real quick (for the magnet) and finishing out the day at MK where they are open till midnight.

MisterPenguinDec 07, 2017

Do it a night. DHS looks really great at night.

Monorail_Red_77Dec 07, 2017

My first thought when I saw this announced. Wow, they are trying really hard to get people to come into Hollywood Studios. I'm sure some will say, well, since I'm here already lets checkout the holiday offerings. For me, it's sure to be one of the quickest trips into and out of Hollywood Studios.;)

Monorail_Red_77Dec 07, 2017

I have a Amazon Chase credit card that has my name laser engraved on the front with the chip. the account number, my name again, and expiration dates are all laser engraved on the back. No more embossed numbers punched through the card. I can see where in a few years maybe others follow suit. I like the fact that it hides the info better. Edit: my ebay credit card is similar, nothing on the front but the chip and ebay logo. name and all account info printed on back, not laser engraved, just printed.

disneygeek90Dec 07, 2017

I picked mine up a few days ago. For those complaining about the hassle, you'll be happy to know nothing was swiped and the CM's barely glanced at the ID to go along with the pass. It's nice. I've already starting seeing some around Orlando so locals definitely went and got theirs quick.

RustySporkDec 07, 2017

Their competition does all of those things, and their pass holders love them for it.

MisterPenguinDec 07, 2017

It was such a madhouse in the tiny stores with regular shoppers and APers that all you had to do was show a card. Then the CM asked, "How many?" My friend was with me, so, I said, "Two." As I was getting those two, my friend didn't know I was getting his, so, he flashed his card and got one, too!! So... I got away with murder!!! Well, close to it. Indeed, they could have a vending machine that issued redemption coupons for whatever the giveaway is. Scan your band/card and fingerprint and out pops a coupon... for the AP gift, or for a special event item, or for whatever. Just redeem the coupon for the item in a quick pick-up queue. The vending machine did all the verification of identity and eligibility.

NearTheEarsDec 07, 2017

I would love all of those things. I can also guarantee that people would still complain.

RustySporkDec 07, 2017

They could do nothing, or they could actually compete with the other major theme park down the street. Maybe some early access events, an appreciation night, access to extra magic hours. I'm sorry if some people don't find value in a $.02 magnet.

asianwayDec 07, 2017

The 3 cent buttons and 7 cent magnets sure make up for the non existence of AP events the last SIX years don't you think?

NearTheEarsDec 07, 2017

Man, I guess they are better off just doing nothing. Every time they offer anything it is just picked apart and ridiculed.

RustySporkDec 07, 2017

Nothing says we love our pass holders more than a $.02 magnet. :D

jpedenDec 07, 2017

I’ve never once had a CM scan my AP. They want to see the name written on the back in a sharpie and compare it to my ID. Of course, the sharpie is rubbed off and then we go through the whole song and dance. I have the card, the magic band slider, and the screenshot of my phone/the app and they still look at me like I have three heads when the sharpie is gone on the back.