Walt Disney World Resort and Coca-Cola collectible bottles now available exclusively at the resort during the 50th Anniversary Celebration

Mar 31, 2022 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

Coca-Cola Bottles for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World
Posted: Thursday March 31, 2022 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today, Walt Disney World and Coca-Cola released five unique co-branded collectible bottles available exclusively at the resort during the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Sold at locations throughout each of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, four different bottles feature each of the four park icons with their own unique EARisdescent color on the labels, plus a fifth bottle with a special gold label. The bottles are shaped like the bottles sold at Walt Disney World when it opened in 1971.

Watch the video below to see actress and singer Sofia Carson unveil brand new commemorative Coca-Cola bottles.

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TikibirdLandApr 04, 2022

Gotta have some place to use the recycled plastic. That's why the label is red; so they can use any colored plastic. At least the budwiser ones I've seen are aluminum. Very cool how they're spinning aluminum now-a-days to create these shapes.

TuvaluApr 04, 2022


larryzApr 04, 2022

Does that $4.69 include sales tax? Or are those cokes actually $5.03?

MothApr 04, 2022

Are these plastic or glass bottles? If they're just crappy plastic bottles I won't be too interested.

GringrinngghostApr 02, 2022

I had no problem today in Pandora at DAK.

Poseidon QuestApr 01, 2022

I saw these getting stocked at the World of Disney the other day. They caught my eye and I went over to see what they were, curious if they might be a new flavor or not. The cast member let me look at them and joked that Disney and Coke have joined together to find a new way to suck money out of our wallets.

note2001Apr 01, 2022

I think they did, it's just that the special edition of Diet Coke is self aware enough to be invisible, sending the message that "you don't really want to drink this". I hear the price is about the same as the other bottles, but it's hard to find, no seriously, they're still looking for them in the stock room.

GringrinngghostMar 31, 2022

Imagine if they did... *gasp* DIET.

Disstevefan1Mar 31, 2022

YaY! More useless stuff to buy that will be thrown away after I die then be sent back to China as raw material to make new and different useless stuff to buy at WDW for someone else to buy and throw away and so on. This is the circle of life 😀 And yes, I have three of those cool Coke bottles that look like detonators from Galaxy’s Edge 😀

DCBakerMar 31, 2022

I believe it is $4.69.

yensid1967Mar 31, 2022

Wonder what the price is? More than the regular price of a bottle of Coke!

flynnibusMar 31, 2022

plastic wrap? meh

FigmentForever96Mar 31, 2022

*sighs and grabs wallet*