Disney announces first details of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration beginning October 1

Feb 19, 2021 in "Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration - The World’s Most Magical Celebration"

The World's Most Magical Celebration overview
Posted: Friday February 19, 2021 7:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration will kick off October 1 2021 and Disney today took to ABC's Good Morning America to unveil the first details.

The World’s Most Magical Celebration begins October 1 2021, and continues for 18 months.

Cinderella Castle will get a new overlay for the celebration, building further on the new look that debuted last year.

As part of “The World’s Most Magical Celebration,” icons at each Walt Disney World theme park will transform into magnificent Beacons of Magic at night, coming to life with their own EARidescent glow.

Cinderella Castle will illuminate Magic Kingdom with a dazzling radiance that sparkles with pixie dust.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, a warm light will emanate from the Tree of Life as magical fireflies gather to usher in the magic of nature.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be awash in a brilliance evoking the golden age of imagination and adventure.

And at EPCOT, new lights will shine across the reflective panels of Spaceship Earth, connecting to one another in a symbol of optimism resembling stars in a nighttime sky. The iconic structure’s permanent new lighting will continue beyond “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” as a defining feature of the park.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will have sparkling new looks for the celebration. As hosts of the event, they’ll be dressed for the occasion in custom-made fashions of EARidescent fabric with gold highlights.

Disney has also launched a 50th page on the official website - available here. More details are set to be released over the coming months as Disney finalizes plans that will likely be heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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ToTBellHop8 minutes ago

Back in the 70s, it was very hot in Florida. Blue was meant to make us feel cooler. Anyone who has been to Florida recently knows that it’s been getting downright chilly year-round, barely ever breaking 80 degrees. Thus, the Castle was painted pink to warm our hearts and skin. ~checks current temperature in Orlando~ Oof.

Bocabear42 minutes ago

The DL Castle was always pink... WDW was not ever....

JohnD5 hours ago

I agree with you on most about the 50th except the pink was recently added to the DL castle as well. I don't mind the pink as much as others do.

Sirwalterraleigh6 hours ago

It’s much simpler than that… You are correct that the “plans” were in place long before Covid and Slaphead… He might have come up with them…but big shot Bobby green lighted them. But what they did…or more accurately DIDN’T do…just reflects the different clientele. Disneyland is half APs and have tastes and expectations to be met. If you try to half it like they did in Orlando - it would have flopped day 1. Orlando crowds you can sell sand to in the desert. No expectations and the “cult of spend” For decades (if someone doesn’t off me😎) we’re gonna see “it’s a shame what they had to cancel FOR THE 50TH…” Nope. As was predicted before when people spun that nonsense: they didn’t have to sell what people were staying up at night begging to buy anyway. They just wrapped it in purple.

Bocabear7 hours ago

I am still baffled that they could get Disneyland's 50th so right...down to the magical windows on Main Street, and get WDW's 50th so tone-deaf wrong...And it wasn't Covid...it was a lack of understanding about nostalgia for the brand, it was a lot of little touches... It was the overall plan. Yes! I like the EPCOT SSE Beacon lighting...and am baffled that it didn't happen years ago. The biggest flub of all was WDW's Iconic Castle...the Castle that was Unique to this park from it's inception. The beautiful French Renaissance Gothic Palace that is Cinderella's Castle....Why turn it pink? Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's Pink Castle... WDW always had the majestic blue and grey Cinderella's Castle. Nothing says Celebrate Walt Disney World like making the main icon for the park resemble the icons of other parks.... And we really needed those magical Windows on Main Street....

SoFloMagic18 hours ago

Wouldn't surprise me if it's too much for them to remove the swirly things on the turrets

rmwebs19 hours ago

Guess its too much to hope that the castle is immediately repainted and the garish pink removed within the next 30 days...

EPCOT-O.G.20 hours ago

I don’t know if the Magic is Calling™️ but those train sets at 50% off are

Parker in NYC22 hours ago

When are they repainting the castle thereby restoring her to her former grace and beauty?

HauntedPirate22 hours ago

The magic is calling your wallet to spend like never before on 50th merchandise!

MisterPenguin22 hours ago

You are the wallet!

Sirwalterraleigh22 hours ago

…I can’t for the life of me imagine why this stuff wasn’t flying off the shelves?…like monkeys.

Disney Analyst23 hours ago

The magic is truly calling now.

DCBaker23 hours ago

From the Disney Springs Instagram account -