The Music of Pixar Live! dining package now on sale

Apr 27, 2017 in "The Music of Pixar Live!"

The Music of Pixar Live! overview
Posted: Thursday April 27, 2017 12:48pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is now offering a dining package alongside its new summer show at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Beginning May 26 2017, The Music of Pixar Live! Dining Package gives you reserved seating, along with breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the park's table service restaurants.

The  Music of Pixar Live! showcases a selection of soundtrack favorites from Cars, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story and UP—all performed by a live orchestra. As the symphony plays, giant screens will feature a movie montage, outtakes and interview excerpts with the folks behind Pixar’s captivating music. Character appearances and a sing-along will also be part of the 40 minute show, performed three times per night, in the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Blvd.

Each dining package includes an appetizer, entrée and dessert—or one full buffet, where applicable—along with a non-alcoholic beverage and one guaranteed seat for The Music of Pixar Live! held on the same day.

Reservations can be made now at 407-WDW-Dine or online through August 27 2017.

The following restaurants are taking part:

Hollywood & Vine

Breakfast – $39 per adult and $25 per child
Lunch – $52 per adult and $32 per child
Dinner – $57 per adult and $35 per child

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Lunch & Dinner – $45 per adult and $18 per child

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Lunch & Dinner – $65 per adult and $22 per child

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PhineasJul 21, 2017

This sounds so classy-hopefully they decide to add something like this on a more permanent basis.

Jones14Jul 21, 2017

I mean, it seems pretty obvious that it's a concert to me.

raymusiccityJul 21, 2017

I'd have to mildly disagree. People go into a venue that has been associated with a stage show, expecting a stage show. They're not even given any humor or much of a chance to sing along like they've enjoyed in the Hyperion Theater. Maybe Disney should just promote it as a 'Concert' !

TeriofTerrorJul 21, 2017

A friend of mine is a show runner on this. He thinks it's going to be replaced with a Star Wars show, and the musicians will be reutilized for holiday events later in the year. I think it closes the last Sunday in August (but I may be misremembering).

FNGJul 20, 2017

Will they keep this around through the fall/winter? Especially with GMR going down next month, it would be nice to keep around.

Kman101Jun 17, 2017

It's nice enough. Something different. I can see how it's not for some and they could find it boring. I agree with you

eggJun 17, 2017

I watched it. It's unique and it's something additional... I can't complain.

Lora Baines BradleyJun 16, 2017

I doubt I will be able to experience this, but I hope! If they were to do another orchestra experience like this, I would lose my marbles if they did Kingdom Hearts. WDW has pretty much denied the series exists save for that weird M&G in 2007. Ah well, I can dream...

Lora Baines BradleyJun 16, 2017

To add onto this: the Inside Out score is terrific as well!

mhaftman7Jun 16, 2017

We were just there a week ago. We had Fantasmic Dining Package and they gave us this show too! It was great. Kids loved it. Army men were hilarious. Nice to see The Incredibles too.

MisterPenguinJun 14, 2017

Candlelight Processional doesn't start until after Thanksgiving.

AndrewsJJun 14, 2017

Many in the orchestra will need to be in Epcot for the Candlelight Processional so I doubt it extends much later than August. IMO Injust can't imagine purchasing a dining package just to get reserved seats to this show. I love orchestral music and adore the Pixar soundtracks but I just don't see the need for reserved seating. Just book a regular ADR and then see the show. I don't think there will be much of an issue getting in. But that's just me.

DaveeeeedJun 14, 2017

The Pixar score & soundtrack is out of this world. From the Toy Story's The Cleaner to the overall score of Ratatouille. It's top notch stuff. Pixar's use of music to convey emotion like in Inside Out, or Up is phenomenal. Pair that with there being a great story. I think those who don't think of Pixar as having great music just haven't listened.

JeffBostockJun 01, 2017