Transportation schedules for this weekend's 24 hour 'Rock Your Disney Side' event

May 20, 2014 in "Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hours"

Here is all the transportation information you need to know for attending the Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour event at the Magic Kingdom this weekend.

From Walt Disney World Resort hotels, bus transportation is set to begin at 5:15am on Friday May 23 2014, continuing through the entire 24 hour event. Resort launches will start at 5:15am.

If you are arriving by car, the Transportation and Ticket Center parking lot will be opening at 4:30am on May 23 2014. The ferry boat and monorail service from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom will begin at 5:15am.

  • The Resort monorail will be operating from 5:15am on May 23 to 3:30am on May 24, then from 5:30am on May 24 to 1am on May 25.

  • The Express monorail will be operating from 5:15am on May 23 to 7am on May 24.

  • The Epcot monorail will be operating from 8am on May 23 to 1am on May 24, then from 3:30am on May 24 to 11pm on May 24.
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Article Posted: May 20, 2014 / 8:39am EDT
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NowIncMay 28, 2014

Add to that the fact that last year rides closed for periods of time. This year everything (except tea cups?) were open 23-24 hours of the time.

psherman42May 28, 2014


asianwayMay 28, 2014

What they really need is a radical refresh for the Halloween parties. I know they still draw a crowd but people want different-that's the only way to spread the demand.

Nick_AMay 28, 2014

The Meet and Greets, once again, were a disaster. Did they not learn from Unleash the Villains that guests go nuts over villains? They should have planned the meet and greets much better. Besides that, Magic Kingdom Ops knows what they're doing, much more so than Studios, whose ops staff was completely overwhelmed by Unleash the Villains. And whose idea was it to put Anna and Elsa in the same room as Flynn Rider, another character that people go nuts over. This year's even also seemed much more crowded than the last one, presumably because there were these late night meet and greets that kept everyone in the park. Last year, it was crowded until about 1, then it emptied out dramatically. Not so this year.

NowIncMay 28, 2014

This year was FAR better organized than the previous..but still needs work..ESPECIALLY in regards to meet and greets. Overall I had a blast...ended up leaving at 6:30am. It felt really awkward going back to the hotel and getting off at a bus stop full of people getting ON the bus to head to the parks for the next day.

lunchbox1175May 28, 2014's my two cents....we did the full 24 hours (on only 4 hours sleep at that), and we did it primarily for the characters. I would say that while I never anticipated that all of the characters in the 140 character tweet were going to be out, I did expect to see many more of them. We got in line for Maleficient and The Queen at 9pm and were about the 25th people in line. The issues started to arise as we got closer to the actual 11:00 hour when they were supposed to open it and people started trying to just wait up by the entrance. When we arrived at 9, we asked the cast member is this the line for the Scary Tale Hall M&G and she said yes, it is already forming, so we got in line....the problems started when others around 10:30 started showing up and randomly standing by the entrance thinking they were just going to jump in front of everyone that had been patiently waiting, the line at this point was down to Pooh. The new CM at the front of the line stated, that all the people lined up were not an official queue line, and that it would be first come first serve. This almost started a riot.....finally they got it all sorted out, but it could have been bad. We then after that M&G went straight to the area where Meg, Hades, Pain & Panic were going to be meeting.....this was much more organized at first, as they had multiple cast members forming the line and keeping everyone against the wall around the circus. The M&G was scheduled for 2:15.....they closed the line at 1:00am. They then announced that Hades and Meg would meet together and that Pain and Panic would rotate with them every 30 minutes.....while this did not surprise me much, it seemed to anger a lot of people, but they seemed to be getting over it. The issues started arising when they announced that they would not be signing autographs and that all groups must take their photo together and not individually so they could get everyone through the line. Parents started talking about how there kid was going to throw a fit if they didn't get an autograph and that it wasn't acceptable (fantastic parenting right!). Then they didn't actually get everything started until 2:45am so they were 30 minutes late and the line was moving really slow....I couldn't figure out why until I decided to go upfront and check, to find out that the first 70 people or so that were in the line at the time, did not want to take pictures with Pain and Panic and weren't moving until Meg and Hades came back cast member thought to come and ask the people in the line if they wanted to come up and meet P&P until I asked!!!!! Would I have preferred M&H, yes, but if it meant waiting another 2 hours then no, so we moved to the front and people started complaining that we were cutting in line until I pointed out that we weren't cutting, we were willing to take a picture with the characters that were out. My issues are that with everything that they do, they continue to amaze me with there lack of organization and underestimating how popular the villain M&G's are. Also, they touted this as a heroes and villains event, that the villains would be out at night, but there were no special Hero M&G's during the day time......just the usual ones they have every day, and their claims that a Characters Appearance in a parade counts further demonstrates there lack of touch with reality. People want to meet the characters, interact with them and take a photo with them, not point at them at a parade and say "oooohhh....look there's Hercules". This is my second 24 hour event, I'm sure it won't be the last, as we quite enjoy them, I just hope that they learn from each one so that the next event is better.

LAKid53May 28, 2014

Congratulations to you both! What a magical way to ask for her hand and one you both will always remember. Plan on getting married in Disney? That would be the icing on the cake. :)

Sketch105May 28, 2014

Kevin, All of Magic Kingdom was open for the event, plus there was dance parties, Disney villians meet-n-greets throughout the park, and even the Mine Train was soft open.

joanna71985May 28, 2014


bethymouseMay 28, 2014

wow! wish I could try this! congrats to all who made it all 24 hrs.:)

drxwooMay 27, 2014

actually did 54 attractions in the 24 hrs!!!! anyone else do a count?

drxwooMay 27, 2014

we actually did my dw dd10 dd8 and had a blast!!!!!!

drxwooMay 27, 2014

we are passholders and this is our second 24 hr event and wanted peoples opinion of it. the shirts, attractions, crowd, everything.

KevinCPAMay 27, 2014

So what do you do for 24 hours. Is everything open all 24 hours