Walt Disney World Teases 2024 Holiday Season Announcements

29 days ago in "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party"

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2023 highlights
Posted: Sunday June 23, 2024 5:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With just six months to go until the holidays, Disney is preparing to reveal its plans for the 2024 holiday season at Walt Disney World.

In a post on the official parks blogs today, Disney said, "Happy Halfway to the Holidays! Over the next few days, we'll be sharing all kinds of cheerful news and announcements for the 2024 holiday season at Disney Parks."

We expect to hear about the new and improved Disney Jollywood Nights returning to Disney's Hollywood Studios and details of the 2024 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.

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tanc21 minutes ago

Debating about going to the first parties or not for both parks... never have done them and would like to see it at least once.

Jumping Fountains2 days ago

Oh, I don’t know much about timeshares. I think back to growing up and I don’t even know if there were anything but the hotel deluxes at the time. Not to say that that’s relevant here, but just…lots of change in my lifetime!

bmr15913 days ago

If you want the simple answer, just look at the difference in guest traffic in 2002 compared to 2024.

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

How do you tell people to support the parks for 50 years at higher level of financial commitments than the transient “deluxe” customers and then tell them they don’t get the perks? Good luck with that one. There’s a misconception - mostly from bad management - that there is a “whale” class. There is…but they just can’t identify it. Dvc are the “whales” Really bad management

Jumping Fountains3 days ago

Why couldn’t they (or wouldn’t, I should say) give perks to the hotel side of deluxes and not to the timeshare sides? Is there something in DVC contracts? I miss the late ‘80s through late ‘90s of my pre-adult visits!

C33Mom5 days ago

I’m so curious about this. We’ve been on the fence about Jollywood and if they actually feature A list figure skaters we’ll buy tickets…but also I’m skeptical it’s safe to do more than very basic jumps on outdoor plastic ice and spins don’t work well either, unless dramatic upgrades have been made to plastic ice since I last tried it, I don’t think they can do anything more ambitious than Disney on Ice grade choreography.

Ronnie Sanford5 days ago

The Jollywood skating show development is bringing me back to when we first met about Villains Unleashed. Colleagues never want to admit their idea doesn’t translate to a real life park setting.

cranbiz5 days ago

Ours are in a collage of all our MNSSHP and MVMCP pictures on the family room wall. Most of the ones that I can remember were taken in Adventureland.

HauntedPirate6 days ago

We still display our complimentary photo from the 2004 MVMCP every Christmas season. Pretty sure they had the photo ops set up in what is now the Laugh Floor.

ToTBellHop7 days ago

But they weren’t playing Trans Siberian Orchestra on Space Mtn!

cranbiz7 days ago

The first MVMCP I went to, back in 2002 cost me $27.95 each (CM tickets bought at Company D). The normal priced guest ticket was $33.95 in advance or $38.95 at the gate. That included the now non existent complimentary photo.

HauntedPirate12 days ago

Some additional pricing breakdown from the past 2 years: 2022: 24 dates Average ticket price = $170.25 Dates per ticket price: $149 - 4 $159 - 3 $169 - 7 $179 - 8 $199 - 2 2023: 25 dates Average ticket price = $181.40 Dates per ticket price: $159 - 3 $169 - 3 $179 - 7 $189 - 9 $199 - 3 2024: 25 dates (Additional 2024 data above) 2022-2023 average ticket price percentage increase = 6.15% 2023-2024 average ticket price percentage increase = 3.82% 2022-2024 average ticket price percentage increase = 9.73%

HauntedPirate12 days ago

ToTBellHop12 days ago

The eggnog is made from platypus eggs. Very expensive. But delicious.