All Walt Disney World parks remain open as normal with no signs of capacity closings on this July 4

Jul 04, 2019 in "Fourth of July at Walt Disney World"

Posted: Thursday July 4, 2019 4:05pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Fourth of July 2019 at Walt Disney World is well underway, and so far the crowds appear to be only slightly above a typical summer day.

There have been no capacity closings, and forecasts are not expecting any heading into the evening.

As of 4pm, the longest waits are Space Mountain at 110 minutes, Flight of Passage at 110 minutes and Tower of Terror at 95 minutes. Some of the high capacity rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Spaceship Earth are running at 40 minutes.

A series of storms are currently moving into the area, which may impact the evening operations. There is currently a 50% rain chance at 9pm during the firework shows.

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DisoneJul 07, 2019

They usually are that late. That's the best part about the park being opened that late. I did take note of the Flyers that said MK would be open extra late so that you could enjoy all there is to enjoy during the Patriotic holiday. I was a little bit annoyed that they spun this as a, look how nice and thoughtful we are benefit, when it used to be something they did every night of Summer.

GeorgeJul 07, 2019

Late to the party. My son and I stayed in MK until 2am 7/3-7/4. Crowds were not bad at all. In fact, after 11pm all the wait times seemed a bit inflated.

EricsBiscuitJul 06, 2019

I don’t know how I survived! It was so hot! They weren’t even passing out water! Then, the CM didn’t even wish me a mAgIcAl visit!!!!1!1!

SirwalterraleighJul 06, 2019

...I bet you survived though #firstworld

Brad BishopJul 06, 2019

This is something more than: "We're just waiting for Galaxy's Edge to fully open / be complete." I think that the dirty little secret is that they may have annoyed a lot of their long term, nostalgic fans to the point of, "You win, Disney. We're done." In a strong economy they can't sell out July 4th which they have a long tradition of doing? Disneyland is currently dead from the reports I've been seeing. You can tie this to any number of things or the "perfect storm" of decisions but it may very well be a more, long term result of bad decisions after bad decisions. In this economy people should be lining up at the gates, especially on dates like July 4th.

Lands of WonderJul 05, 2019

There probably using the WW3 barges for Epcot Forever

HoldenCJul 05, 2019

Astounding finale as always!!! Thanks for catching the final tag for us!!

EricsBiscuitJul 05, 2019

Staying at Yacht Club. To make matters worse, they only had one scanner! There was an enormous line all the way to security.

durangojimJul 05, 2019

It was our first time seeing that tag and my son said to me “I think that better than the MK show we saw last night!” I agree and am so glad we got to experience it!

Surfin' TunaJul 05, 2019

There were closer to 150 people there for Club 33 last night, but I'm sure there were even more than 150 complaints for having to listen to the Luau. We watched from the Poly beach last night, but we HAD to do Epcot tonight for ROE and the Heartbeat of Freedom tag. Standing there I shed a tear (more like 10) thinking about how it will be missed. I'm still getting over losing Wishes; this one is going to take a while to accept. It was a great show tonight at Epcot. Happy Independence Day everyone!

CrazydisneyfanlukeJul 05, 2019

Unfortunately, the last time I saw the "oomph" in a Disney show was.....🤔🤔

SirwalterraleighJul 05, 2019

Maybe that too... I just meant that I think whatever they do moving forward won’t have the “oomph” that that show did

CrazydisneyfanlukeJul 05, 2019

They just say its leaving to see over-priced merch. That way they can run out of "limited time pins" to bring in a shipment and up the prices more? Or is it about the fan boy desert parties? 🤔😬 (Minor Sarcasm)

SirwalterraleighJul 05, 2019

...I have a strong suspicion that it will never be replaced