2024 EPCOT Eat to the Beat Concert Series Lineup Announced: New Acts and Favorites Revealed

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Posted: Monday July 1, 2024 12:20pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today unveiled the performer lineup for the 2024 Epcot Eat to the Beat Concert series, part of the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

The lineup includes nine fresh-to-the-festival acts, including Yellowcard, Mau Y Ricky, and David Archuleta, in addition to house favorites like Hanson, Tiffany, and Boyz II Men.

  • Aug. 30-31 – The Fray
  • Sept. 1-2 – Sugar Ray
  • Sept. 6-7 – Hoobastank
  • Sept. 8-9 – Yellowcard (NEW)
  • Sept. 13-14 – Tiffany
  • Sept. 15-16 – MercyMe
  • Sept. 20-21 – Sheila E.
  • Sept. 22-23 – The Wanted (NEW)
  • Sept. 27 – Luis Figueroa
  • Sept. 28-29 – Mau Y Ricky (NEW)
  • Sept. 30 – Jesse & Joy (NEW)
  • Oct. 4-5 – Aloe Blacc (NEW)
  • Oct. 6-7 – Joey Fatone & Friends
  • Oct. 11-12 – We The Kings
  • Oct. 13-14 – Switchfoot
  • Oct. 18-19 – David Archuleta (NEW)
  • Oct. 20-21 – Billy Ocean
  • Oct. 25-28 – Hanson
  • Nov. 1-2 – Haley Reinhart featuring Emily Estefan, Casey Abrams and Janel Parrish (NEW)
  • Nov. 3-4 – Boyz II Men
  • Nov. 8-9 – Magic! (NEW)
  • Nov. 10-11 – Parmalee (NEW)
  • Nov. 15-16 – Smash Mouth
  • Nov. 17-18 – 98 Degrees

Eat to the Beat Dining Packages go on sale July 9 and include a meal at select EPCOT restaurants, followed by guaranteed seating at the Eat to the Beat Concert Series shows. 2024 EPCOT Eat to the Beat Dining Packages: Complete Guide to Pricing and Restaurants

The 2024 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival presented by CORKCICLE takes place at Walt Disney World August 29 through November 23, 2024. Eat to the Beat Concert Series is included with regular park admission.

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ToTBellHop6 hours ago

No it just means I will definitely break a toe on one of these abandoned boxes after Luminous next month.

WeNamedTheDogIndiana6 hours ago

A large number of the booths are up - some with names, some without. Hopefully this means more info is imminent!

Comped5 days ago

Also food and wine presumably makes a bunch of money from the food and the wine unlike the Christmas stuff. I don't think that the issue is that Candlelight is too expensive, rather than Disney doesn't want to get rid of the end of F&W. A lot of them are now touring again, particularly with having to make up money from the pandemic. Some of them definitely made money from song licensing, but most make a lot more money from concerts especially if the band doesn't even have any original members in it who recorded those songs... Disney is lower on the totem pole unless they have kids, want a free vacation, or just want to keep coming back. You'd be surprised how many fit all three.

Touchdown5 days ago

But the full orchestra up front is paid, as is the VOL in the center of the tree. I assume the only reason the Holiday Festival doesn’t start till Thanksgiving when the rest of the resort goes full Jolly mode within a week of Halloween is how expensive Candlelight is (which I think is a mistake, CL dining packages sell out in minutes every year, I bet demand could easily absorb the extra 2-2.5 weeks of shows.)

Nottamus5 days ago

Big bad voodoo daddy not in the fall lineup seems odd. They are always there near the end, and very entertaining! I’m sure it’s not mostly about the money Disney pays , but these older bands have received a resurgence of fans with all of the tribute bands out there - so they just got more busy perhaps?

Lilofan5 days ago

At Candlelight those cast who performed on stage center that looked like a Christmas tree performed for free. Their pay is a few free tickets so they can give to family or friends for a future time.

Comped5 days ago

I suppose that there's only two of them so you are right... Technically haha. There are a few others who have most of if not all of their members still around, but I did derive certain acts which only have one or even no remaining original members for a reason haha. Disney continues to budget for Candlelight because it is an essential portion of Epcot's holiday festivities and has been for 30 years or so. If it went away, there would be much more uproar than with other productions. Personally, I don't think they're paid too high, but using it as a baseline for Candlelight in particular, which is reasonable, it does amuse me that Disney has kept it around largely unedited in terms of accompaniment (but not content) for decades after major entertainment cuts began that continue to this day. Fans would probably riot if it was cut. As for Equity member payments, while I have no reference for anything past 2017, as I am not a member of Equity and do not have access to more recent deals specific to WDW, they were getting paid about $18 an hour for lead vocal roles - as a show is budgeted to last an hour, basic math essentially says that even if you double it because of inflation and through negotiation on the part of Equity it's a fraction of what the orchestra is getting paid (as I can only assume it's about that much of not slightly more, as the local musician association also doesn't publish their rates, although even to this day most other musician associations within Florida charge cheaper rates than that).

networkpro6 days ago

Folks tend to ignore that the members of these acts of what was current pop groups, like themselves have aged as well. If they are still alive they are older too. The younger acts mentioned like Boys II Men are almost 50. The members of Air Supply that are still alive are in their 70's. The last remain member of the Monkees is 79. Nothing lasts forever, memories last only as long as the person does.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

Candlelight has a larger orchestra plus the voices who are equity. It is performed nightly. I’m not sure what nightly entertainment you are comparing - but the Epcot concerts probably cost just as much if not significantly more than the Pixar concerts did. It’s only an interesting number if you think they are paid too high. If that’s the case, I’m interested in what you think they are worth?

Comped6 days ago

I was just noting the price because it is significantly more than Disney would normally spend on entertainment on a nightly basis. Equity actors (and most other entertainment) do not make quite that much per night, although if you include benefits and all that they probably do. It's why we likely didn't see that very popular show return, because of the costs involved that were higher than Disney would like. I don't have an opinion on how much they should be making, and that number has likely gone up since then, just mentioned it because I thought it was a particularly interesting number for one night's work.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

How much should orchestra musicians make? I mean Boyz II Men and Switchfoot are making more money than the old comedy warehouse guys I’m certain of that haha. While they have made lots of cuts, there are still a decent number of equity actors and union musicians working each day. My suggestion was that Disney could pull from the local talent pool and potentially save money vs. the touring acts.

Lilofan6 days ago

Last one was 10,000 Maniacs

Comped6 days ago

Never seen that! Who does that?

Lilofan6 days ago

And when the artist thanks Disney during their performance that means thanks for the paycheck and free vacation for me and my family !