Reimagined 2020 'Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Celebration' to air on Christmas Day

Oct 31, 2020 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Deadline reports that ABC will still present the 'Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Celebration' this year despite the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions that have great impacted the parks.

According to the report, the special is still in the planning process, but is likely to include highlights from previous years mixed with some new elements.

The continued closure of Disneyland and the entertainment department lay offs at Walt Disney World will mean that neither park will be able to perform a parade, even if it were to be done behind closed doors to ensure physical distancing.

The holiday special is a collaboration by Disney Parks, ABC and Endeavor Content’s Film 45, currently scheduled to air 10am to 12pm Friday December 25 2020.

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Article Posted: Oct 31, 2020 / 11:31am ET
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WEDway Inc & Company LLC14 days ago

So looks like we're getting a sneak pack of Ratatouille during this.

Squishy14 days ago

wdwmagic24 days ago

Stage is now gone, the film crew were there for a few days but seem to now be done. I wouldn’t expect any disruption.

yensid6724 days ago

I was referring to showing a LIVE TAPED parade from the years it was actually LIVE

tirian28 days ago

I watch it on YouTube every year. After being a VHS staple, it’s one of the odd exclusions from Disney’s DVD and online libraries.

castlecake2.028 days ago

Apparently it happened last night, they’re already taking the stage down today

Magenta Panther28 days ago

That's not a bad little special, actually.

Ben E28 days ago

I’m seeing the photos of the stage being built at Cinderella’s Castle. Anyone know when filming may happen? We’re going for a quick one day trip in a week and a half and would rather not be in MK on that day.

dvitali31 days ago

Unless Disney can raise the dead, we can remove all of the parades with Regis Philpin as host. This will a great time to broadcast the internet nighttime coverage of the parade.

MrHappyNov 02, 2020

True, anything with a 2020 stamp will be cursed and go wrong.

MrHappyNov 02, 2020

Reminds me of Joey’s New Year’s Eve episode. Just saying. Carry on.

VJNov 01, 2020

time travel! :D

JoeCamelNov 01, 2020

Ummm, a "live" parade from another year? How does that work?

yensid67Nov 01, 2020

Then I would rather watch a LIVE PARADE from another year...remembering how it use to be!