Magic Kingdom holiday week entertainment line-up

Dec 11, 2015 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday December 11, 2015 6:43am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

It is almost time for the busiest couple of weeks of the year at the Magic Kingdom, and with the conclusion of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party on December 18, the park will offer much of its holiday entertainment during regular hours.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime ParadeCelebrate the Season, Totally Tomorrowland Christmas and Holiday Wishes (minus the perimeter fireworks) will all begin on December 19 through to December 31.

On December 30 and 31, Fantasy in the Sky New Year's Eve fireworks will be shown along with Holiday Wishes.

You can see the schedule for parades and fireworks on our calendar.

A Frozen Holiday Wish will have its last performance of the season on January 2 2016. The Castle Dream Lights will continue to be displayed without the Frozen Holiday Wish show through January 12 2016.

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BrianJan 13, 2016

They were. Crane is in position for dream lights removal.

ToTBellHopJan 13, 2016

It had already reverted back last week although the decorations were still out. The skippers just pretended it wasn't Christmas in the jungle. Quite odd actually.

dgp602Jan 13, 2016

Anyone know if the MK decorations were taken down last night?

dgp602Jan 13, 2016

Probably today??

ToTBellHopDec 21, 2015

Grammar are hard.

RSoxNo1Dec 21, 2015

Dammit, I thought Jar Jar wasn't in the new movie.

RSD Part DeuxDec 20, 2015

Does we have an exact date the Jingle Cruise reverts back to the Jungle Cruise?

bjm72385Nov 30, 2015

Thanks for your help!

wdwmagicNov 30, 2015

I believe it is unchanged since 2012.

bjm72385Nov 30, 2015

Does anyone happen to have pics of this meet and greet? Or can someone tell me if this has changed any since 2012 when we were last there? I'm trying to figure out which is nicer for the kids, this one or Santa's Chalet in Disney Springs.

wdwmagicNov 27, 2015

Yep go to and scroll down to the information section near the bottom of the page.

wdwmagicNov 27, 2015

Santa Claus meet and greet now open at the Magic Kingdom

GetAPaperBagNov 21, 2015

I'm not sure we're gonna be able to make it down for a MVMCP, but can anyone tell me how much of the special holiday stuff from the party is available on regular days afters the party ends? Parade, fireworks, "snow", shows?

Animaniac93-98Nov 21, 2015

No, and I feel like they just should have copied the new tree and garland DLP got in 2013 since their Main Street is so similar to Florida's.