PHOTOS - A look at the Magic Kingdom's 2019 Christmas holiday decor

Nov 04, 2019 in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Christmas Holidays decorations at the Magic Kingdom 2019
Posted: Monday November 4, 2019 12:57pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The holiday season is now underway at the Magic Kingdom, with the Holiday Services team installing much of the park's decor immediately after the final Halloween party on November 1.

A Frozen Holiday Wish, the Jingle Cruise overlay to the Jungle Cruise, the Holly Jolly Trolley Show, and the holiday finale to the castle show are already playing.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party begins November 8, with the ticketed event continuing on select nights through December 22 2019. 

If you want to see the special holiday entertainment during normal park hours, including Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade and the new Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks show , you will need to wait until December 23 for that to begin. 

Click the gallery for more pictures of the 2019 Magic Kingdom holiday decor.

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jrhwdwJan 10, 2020

At the beginning of this week, It looked like the lights were on 24/7 or they go on before sunset. Kind of cool to see the regular daytime castle fade into Castle Dream Lights!

MansionButler84Jan 10, 2020

Most in the parks stays up through Marathon. I have On This Day Facebook pics from today showing decorations up at all four parks in 2014 and 2015.

disneygeek90Jan 09, 2020

I’m surprised everything is still up at HS. Full lights and music. I was expecting it all to be gone on Monday.

DisneyDreamer08Jan 09, 2020

I agree that dusk might not be the best time BUT we are leaving our house at 4am that morning, flying from MA. We have 3 early afternoon FPs then a 4pm dinner ADR. We were planning to leave right after dinner so if we do stay, we’d leave ASAP to get our kids to bed. Thanks for the info!

MansionButler84Jan 09, 2020

By 6. They just kinda turn them on at dusk. No pomp or circumstance. Honestly, I think they look awful at dusk. I’d plan a dinner and come out at 6:30 when it’s completely dark for the big “reveal”.

DisneyDreamer08Jan 09, 2020

Thank you! Do you know about what time they go on?

MansionButler84Jan 09, 2020

They’re still on through at least Sunday night.

DisneyDreamer08Jan 09, 2020

I’m hoping someone will be in MK tonight or tomorrow night and can let me know if they are still lighting the castle. I’ve heard the Frozen show is done but last I heard, they were still turning the lights on nightly. We arrive Saturday and are going to MK that afternoon. Just wondering if we should stay til dark. Thanks!

gerararDec 31, 2019

I actually noticed this on my visit to MK on Christmas day. The one pillar on the left went out sometime after the Frozen Castle lighting show at 6:15 and the 9pm stage show that night. I recorded the lighting that night and it showed still lighted, so it had to happen during one of the stage shows after that. Was hoping they would fix that sometime overnight or after park close, but guess not..

Animaniac93-98Dec 31, 2019

MK will do any holiday overlay now except for the Bears, Haunted Mansion and Small World. :rolleyes:

MansionButler84Dec 31, 2019

Well they won’t run it when MVMCPis available and only offered to pay to run these for the peak crowds 12/23-1/1. I don’t believe they run through Marathon? Only Jingle Cruise runs the full season AFAIK.

raymusiccityDec 30, 2019

Disagree. Lots of out-of-towners make a special trip just for the Christmas decorations and overlays. January 15 is just perfect.......keeps it up for the Marathon as a special bonus !

SquishyDec 30, 2019

For the past few days part of the left side of the castle dreamlights have been not working, guess it will stay like that for the rest of this season.

prberkDec 30, 2019

Or use the costume department to make new ones. That would cost about $0.10 on the dollar for what they make in a day, but yet really bring something fun and fresh to the season. Not to mention being a people eater for capacity. It has been said that they have a rights issue over "Rudolph" as used in the old show. That, too, could be solved with either a payment or a few edits. No excuse.