Live stream of Magic Kingdom's 'Fantasy in the Sky' fireworks to ring in 2022

28 days ago in "Holidays at the Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Saturday January 1, 2022 11:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is streaming the New Year's Eve edition of "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks live from Magic Kingdom this evening.

The show begins Friday, Dec. 31 at 11:48 p.m., ET. Check back here to catch the show.

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GeoDonJac3426 days ago

I'm not saying that their aren't issues with the movie, but they weren't slaves.

TrainChasers26 days ago

So.... Studios can still have legit pyro when they want to....

Brer Oswald26 days ago

Mine started to auto correct after awhile 🤣

Disney Analyst26 days ago

Thats a bit too much effort to type out on my phone 😂

ToTBellHop26 days ago

But it’s pronounced “Happy Slave Song”

Cre8iveN8ive26 days ago

Much appreciated! 🍀

wdwfan2226 days ago

I always enjoy Disneylands New Years Eve Show. Was also glad they returned to using Fantasy In The Sky even if it had to be altered to remove the song that is no longer named by the company.

Brer Oswald26 days ago

It’s spelt “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”.

Trauma26 days ago

I wish you luck you clearly have the skills and dedication necessary.

Lilofan26 days ago

I've driven on World Drive when fireworks shells fall nearby. Fortunately it didn't fall on the roadway when I was in the area along with the other cars.

Cre8iveN8ive26 days ago

Thanks for the compliment. It can’t be both? 🤣 All joking aside, I’ve worked in the industry for quite some time now and have a personal goal of one day working on nighttime spectaculars for the parks. Only time will tell on the last part of that. :)

Trauma26 days ago

So either you do something like this for a living, or you are highly intelligent person with way to much free time on your hands.

Cre8iveN8ive26 days ago

Respectfully, I partially disagree with your statement of World Drive going through the fallout area for the shoot-site and here’s why. In ideal weather conditions and with the assumption that the front positions of the shoot-site only are used for aerial shells no larger than 3” in diameter and/or non-bursting non-splitting devices such as comets or mines as large as 6”, the minimum required distances established by NFPA 1123 for the purposes of establishing a Fallout Area are met. Minimum site size required distances are defined within NFPA 1123 Section 5.1.3, 5.1.4 defines Other Site Requirements, 5.1.5 Fallout Area, and minimum spectator separation distances defined in Section 5.2. In my opinion, the concern/risk with the site’s fallout area and World Drive is when inclement weather (in particular high wind) occurs in the direction of World Drive which in-turn causes impact to the Fallout Area of duds. In some conditions that allow for it, the wind could be accounted for by angling mortars in a direction away from, in this case, World Drive. While I don’t have knowledge of exactly what size shells are fired from each position, the included photos show that the front positions meet defined distance requirements of NFPA 1123 for shooting 3” aerial shells (210’ radius), the second photo shows that the first position back from the fronts allows for a distance which allows for up to 6” shells (420’ radius), the third photo shows a 560’ radius and could allow up to 8” shells to be shot from, and then the final photo shows the furthest position from World Drive easily allows for up to 10” shells (700’ radius) to be fired vertically in ideal weather conditions. What I can understand is that there is/was a concern and initially unaccounted for risk with the site as it pertains to your mention of the increased demand on required fire suppression apparatus to post-display brush fires and/or the initial lack of accounting for inclement weather/higher winds during a display which could’ve ultimately attributed to a mortar that didn’t perform as intended and (as seen in the YouTube video) ended up breaking at/near ground-level on World Drive. Furthermore, Disney is known across the industry for its enhanced safety protocols. If the site didn’t originally meet the minimum required distances as defined within NFPA 1123, they wouldn’t continue to use the site, even in instances of special events, without taking steps that bring the shoot-site into compliance.

Disney Analyst27 days ago

Also, even without WoC they still did a countdown / pyro at DCA.