Holidays Happen Here Dance Party coming to Center Stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Nov 24, 2015 in "Holidays at Disney's Hollywood Studios"

Posted: Tuesday November 24, 2015 8:03am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios will be hosting a nightly DJ character dance party for the holidays.

Beginning December 1 2015 at Center Stage in-front of The Great Movie Ride, the dance party will take place daily from 5pm to park close.

The park will also be opening the new Club Disney indoor dance party in early December 2015, giving the park two daily dance party shows for the holidays.

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CrazydisneyfanlukeJan 07, 2016

Take the stage down. They built a venue just for this stuff, they should use it.

brb1006Jan 07, 2016

RSoxNo1Jan 06, 2016

When do they start charging for dance parties? Oh wait... January 16th.

Kman101Jan 06, 2016

Nice to see the effort with the 'rare' characters, and heck, even Chip & Dale in Rescue Ranger outfits (pics?). I even saw a picture of Max near the Sunset Showcase from last month. But the front of the park is just not the place for a dance party. I don't necessarily mind them but I also see them as a lackluster entertainment offering instead of a real experience.

mm52200Jan 05, 2016

Atleast with the "Happens Here" dance parties they've been going to the effort to have different, rare, unique characters and a loose theme. Club Disney is pretty good too except for the standard character line up, atleast they have new costumes but it'd be great to see different characters in that space rather than the VIPs. It would also be really great though to see an actual show developed for the Center Stage space, not just a dance party. I know people here hated the HSM/Disney Channel Rocks shows, but something of that scale with four singers, 10 or 12 dancers, maybe some characters would be welcome in that space rather than a simple out of theme dance party. Atleast with Disney Channel Rocks the theme of 1940s hollywood was disrupted for only 20 minutes and then it went back to normal. These dance parties continuously disrupt theming from 5 pm until park close.

Andrew CJan 05, 2016

If you are gonna quote...go all the way!

Matt_BlackJan 05, 2016

"Adults are just kids grown up anyways."

MansionButler84Jan 05, 2016

Until the new rides open, DHS is, in my experience, largely a place to watch old shows and stand around until the new fireworks start. Dance parties, stormtroopers in front of Disney Junior and alcohol for days help everyone get to Symphony in the Stars. And people are eating it up, jamming the park full while they excitedly wait 40 minutes for a freshly dusted Great Movie Ride. Personally, I give Disney a bit of a free pass on this because I believe the park will be great in four years and adding pop-up entertainment is better than just doing nothing until Toy Story Land opens. The park was becoming a ghost town this time last January. Don't think that will be the case this year with all that is (perceived as) new.

CiciwoowooJan 05, 2016

I know, I know... I am crabby about it... I get irate when adults forget to be adults when furry friends are around.

YodaManJan 05, 2016

Clearly you didn't go to Club Disney

marni1971Jan 05, 2016

Walt was also known for total immersion and 100% correct theming. There's a correct place for dance parties. This isn't it.

Matt_BlackJan 05, 2016

Yeah, to heck with what the dedication plaque says!

CiciwoowooJan 05, 2016

We "attended" this in December. What a mess! I have a 5 year old boy, and to adults were too busy trying to hit a big balloon and nearly trampled him. He left crying and with a bloody knee. I think they need to start making kid friendly parties... no adults allowed!

dreamscometrueJan 05, 2016

If I was the DJ at any dance party in DHS, all I'd play, over and over again, is the Tower of Terror theme music.