PHOTOS and VIDEO - Voices of Liberty return to EPCOT for the holidays alongside updated cavalcades

Nov 27, 2020 in "Epcot International Festival of the Holidays"

2020 EPCOT Festival of the Holidays entertainment
Posted: Friday November 27, 2020 2:57pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 2020 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays begins today and brings with it a refreshed entertainment line-up for the season.

The Mickey and Friends cavalcades has been decked out for Christmas.

The Frozen cavalcade features a festive look.

The Voices of Liberty return for the holidays singing traditional songs and carols. This is the same show that previously took place inside the rotunda.

They group is appearing for 6 shows per day at the America Gardens Theatre, beginning at 12:35pm.

Also appearing at the America Gardens Theater is Mariachi Cobre performing their holiday show that usually takes place at the Mexico pavilion. Their 6 shows per day begin at 1:00pm.

For this special performance, the group is joined by dancers to tell holiday a holiday story.

Inside the World Showplace, you can see gospel group JOYFUL! and Santa Claus himself will be making a trip through World Showcase promenade each day.

Click the gallery for more pictures of new holiday entertainment at EPCOT.

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MisterPenguinDec 23, 2020

JohnDDec 23, 2020

In theory you're not supposed to know in order to promote social distancing so that crowds don't gather. That doesn't mean it doesn't go around WS lagoon at the same time each day.

mnelson3Dec 20, 2020

Two questions, does anyone know what time Mickey’s Christmas Cavalcade runs at Epcot? And secondly where might be a good, low crowded “speaker spot” for recording? Lol. Considering this particular song doesn’t seem to be floating around anywhere.

JohnDDec 14, 2020

Remember, it's always the Flower, Garden, Food, and Wine Festival of the Arts and Holidays at EPCOT.

TrainChasersDec 13, 2020

Give Epcot credit though... they haven’t cut any of the FT entertainment. Voices, Jammitors, and Carol on the Piano are still employed.

aladdin2007Dec 13, 2020

disney seems to think by blasting music that it makes up for the lack of entertainment and other things. :banghead:

zengothDec 13, 2020

If it wasnt for the big tree and the loud holiday music (interrupted by the “you will comply” announcements), i’d’ve sworn it was still Food & Wine fest. But the effort was there and the CMs were amazing.

EdnaModeDec 07, 2020

An 82 cent discount on a Bavarian fondue if you're the right kind of ticket holder, in the right park, at the right time, in front of the right kiosk, paying the right way...kinda Scroogey. I don't know the term for the opposite of nickel and diming, but whatever that term is, this is that.

aladdin2007Dec 04, 2020

10% is nothing 🥱

mnelson3Nov 30, 2020

I know the music for the Mickey and Friends Cavalcade is from DCA, which was from I believe TDS at one point lol. Is the DCA/Epcot version around? 🙂

JohnDNov 30, 2020

Some things being swtiched up for COVID aren't all that bad. Like moving Mariachi Cobre and Voices of Liberty to America's Gardens Theater. They get a larger platform (i.e. more exposure) to perform. Guests can properly spread out to enjoy the entertainment.

JohnDNov 30, 2020

I prefer the cavalcades. Great way to see the characters randomly around the parks without awkwardly saying "hi" to them. M&Gs are not my style. A fresh mix of both would be ideal. Families/groups of people can do the M&Gs. I'm content just watching them go by in the cavalcade.

TrainChasersNov 29, 2020

Kinda like they do at MK on a regular basis for move it shake it and trolley show? It’s sad that we are hoping that the cavalcade last in parks that used to have daily parades. :(