A look at the new 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts logo and guide map

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Posted: Friday January 14, 2022 7:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts has a new logo this year, which takes cues from the new EPCOT visual design that is being unveiled throughout the park.

The new logo design (above) uses the EPCOT World Bold font and plenty of color with simple lines, quite a difference from the original festival logo show below.

And here is a look at the guide map for this year's EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

Find out more about everything on offer at the 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

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John park hopper1 hour ago

Gotta ask-- Disney is so concerned about the environment you know no plastic bags or straws I sure hope these figment buckets are made of recycled plastic

Satans Hockey1 hour ago

I wish they would bring over the different flavored popcorn! That was my favorite aspect of the popcorn craze over there and made it completely understandable as why to people would wait in line for popcorn lol

larryz2 hours ago

What I don't understand is why Bob the Nob doesn't start a specialized collectible marketing group and sell them on eBay themselves. They'd make a lot more money that way, which, as we all know, is Bob's raison d'etre.

DfromATX2 hours ago

I am just baffled at the frenzy over buying this thing.

Jcf80373 hours ago

If you don’t have a receipt for it, it’s not yours. If your family of ten got their 2 each and you have all the receipts for 20, you’re good. If you have the other 9 family and friends with you, you’re good. This isn’t about stealing vs possession. It is literally about possession. Disney’s stated policy is you can possess 2 per person per purchase. Prove the purchase. They wouldn’t have to even worry about stopping anyone holding 2 or fewer. Now they likely don’t want to do this because they clearly don’t want to confront people all day. But it would solve the poor guest experience problem that these resellers cause.

CntrlFlPete4 hours ago

The person may or may not have used an AP to enter the park -- not following how anyone could be breaking any rules around their AP? right, I thought there could be language around using the AP discount but they do not offer any discounts on items such as pop corn buckets. When my wife and daughter both went to the rest room, I was left sitting there w/ four of them -- I imagine I could be on the interwebs somewhere if someone snapped a picture when I was alone w/ 4 of them -- certainly I must be a reseller -- I do not know why my wife started collecting buckets but I can think of worse habits. We do not sell or buy these things, but she does collect them. We were able to buy four in one transaction as there were three of us at the register when they rung them up -- save for a Starbucks run from my daughter, all three of us stayed in line the whole 2 hours and we talked with folks who generally seemed to be Figment fans. I still think the funniest part is that they ran out of pop corn so they sold the bucket w/o the pop corn (at least on SAT)

ppete19754 hours ago

Showing reciepts would be for stealing. The 2 per person is a purchase thing not an in possession. Neither would be a legal seizure even with return of money. They might be able to ban you. But theres no legal written anywhere that you cant have more than two in your possession, just that you aren’t supposed to be able to buy more than two at a time per person. i agree that its scummy im just saying there isnt a good way for disney to stop it. Now aps using discount for profit has been done. But cant be done on the same day as purchase. Even if they posted on ebay while in the park.

ppete19754 hours ago

Or monsters inc or small world. Amazing!!

ppete19754 hours ago

I was originally commenting on people carrying out 20 of them not the two allotted. The ap legalize i thought was using your discount for profit.

Figments Friend5 hours ago

I just need to say...... I have been a Figment fan for the last forty years. That's four decades.... so a fan far longer then before it was 'cool' to like the character. As much as I love this character and what he represents, these 'fat dragon' popcorn buckets do absolutely nothing for me. Zip. I really do hope that some of the folks rushing to the Park to buy a bunch of these are not deluded in thinking that by buying lots of Figment merch that we shall see a vast improvement happen at the current Imagination Pavilion. Won't happen. All it 'proves' to Disney is that they need to offer more 'limited edition' and 'special event' merchandise. Nothing more. -

J45465 hours ago

Japan has awesome popcorn buckets so I hope disney steps it up. Check out Japans Stained Glass BatB bucket its beautiful. If they made a stained glass bucket for all of the princesses that would be great

Casper Gutman5 hours ago

As grumpy as all the bucket furor makes me, it should be said that any company that wasn't criminally incompetent at running theme parks would be building a trackless, Mystic Manor-style Imagination ride featuring Dreamfinder and Figment, all tied to a franchise-launching film starring Tom Hanks. Maybe Wes Anderson could direct? More realistically, Disney would want an old hand who will play ball with studio interference - Barry Sonnenfeld could work. Does a humbled Brad Bird want another shot at live action?

Disney Analyst5 hours ago

Honestly, the popcorn bucket craze is just… crazy to me. Who wants to lug around one of those all day… and then what do you do with it after? Just sits on a shelf to be stared at? No thanks.

MoonRakerSCM6 hours ago

Saw that photo yesterday of the people walking out with like 6 or 7 Figments. How did they get them???