Final Disney Villains After Hours at the Magic Kingdom sold out

Aug 08, 2019 in "Disney Villains After Hours"

Disney Villains After Hours

Disney Villains After hours is now sold out for tonight, August 8 2019.

Today's event is the final date that has been announced so far, with no information yet on if it will return for more nights. The opening night sold out, but none of the other 8 nights reached capacity.

The limited attendance after hours event combines the regular Disney After Hours benefits with a new Villains Unite the Night stage show. The new 20 minute 'Villains Unite the Night' will take place three times each night.

In addition to the stage show, Maleficent from Festival of Fantasy Parade will be let loose into the park, and special overlays will be found at Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Article Posted: Aug 08, 2019 / 11:24am ET
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trainplane3Feb 23, 2020

There's one thing I didn't expect to see in this thread. That's it. That's the thing.

Benjamin_NicholasFeb 22, 2020

How do we feel about Mickey in a ball-gag?

Magenta PantherFeb 22, 2020

As long as it was shown that he woke up in the end and was okay, I could go along with this idea.

ImperfectPixieFeb 22, 2020

Play dates where mommies bring the kiddos together to play while they sip wine and chit-chat has been a thing for quite a while, so I don't think mom is too worried about little Jimmy or Jenny seeing her drink. (Side note: I may have a old friend who's nickname is Silly Sally Sippy Cup because she likes to take neighborhood walks with a sippy cup full of vodka...and her kids are grown and out of the house.)

Benjamin_NicholasFeb 22, 2020

Exactly. Let's be realistic. The baby and the bathwater are long gone on this one.

DisneysonFeb 22, 2020

Walt Disney once thought of the children, but I think the age of "we can't let the children see Mommy drink while in line for Jasmine" has come and gone, now that you can get tipsy in Beast's ballroom. People forget that the children have been to Epcot festivals with their parents after a long day at MK.

Benjamin_NicholasFeb 22, 2020


brb1006Feb 22, 2020

You mean Chapek

DisneysonFeb 22, 2020

Still, it would not be on-brand. Even in the darkest shorts, like Runaway Brain, he ends up winning the day. A fully unique show would likely fit the bill better - I’d love for a finale show showcasing various live-action hero-villain battles, ending with a big Night on Bald Mountain or Firebird sequence. Anyways. Let’s stay on topic. Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, no lines, and Hercules characters. I have a lot of non-bloggy people that would pay out the butt for that, especially those that don’t live near Disney or frequent the park, but enjoy Disney by wearing gear from Hot Topic or play Kingdom Hearts. That’s the segment the parks really haven’t tapped.

TouchdownFeb 22, 2020

Mickey doesn’t have to be killed, he can be imprisoned in his mind. Remember, you always eventually wake up from nightmares.

DisneysonFeb 22, 2020

I’m almost all in, except there is a 0 percent chance they would show Mickey being killed by the Disney Villains. I think they’d more quickly set up themed mazes throughout the park (Jedi Temple where you face your greatest fears, HalloweenTown, Villains of Pixar). But that park has no issues with popularity for the time being.

TouchdownFeb 22, 2020

Or how about have the villains do a teen/adult Halloween event at the studios. Have the Sith take over Galaxies Edge (can now use Emperor due to Episode 9.). Have Sids toys roaming TSL, do the Hades standup on the stage in front of the theatre, dress the bellhops up as ghouls, and for the big show have a Fantasmic where the villains win. Make it obvious in the marketing that this was a PG-13 event, not HHN, but not MNSSHP and have disclaimers about this not being for young children. It would be a huge hit.

Magenta PantherFeb 22, 2020

Here again, Iger fails to acknowledge the gold in the Disney vault and prefers to spend company money on his various stupid acquisitions. Disney's villains are as legendary and beloved as its heroes, but all they get is a parade and overpriced ripoff events. No ride, no land, heck, they don't even get a bathroom (unlike Tangled)! ;) I still think a Haunted Mountain or Forest attraction starring the villains could be epic, but we all know that will never, ever happen. That would be too awesome and creative and too traditional Disney (for Iger's "taste"). What a shame.

DisneysonFeb 22, 2020

I think the night would be more worth it if there were three free-flow alcohol lounges peppered throughout that you could visit at leisure, but that would be controversial. Of course, it will be in one location and likely be a ridiculous up-charge. Probably arguments like “I don’t want to pay for alcohol if I’m taking my child, who doesn’t drink.” Then again, this falls into dessert party territory... an interesting idea for sure.