Yak and Yeti Restaurant closed today for maintenance

Jul 20, 2017 in "Yak and Yeti"

Posted: Thursday July 20, 2017 7:43am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Yak and Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom will be closed today, July 20 2017, for maintenance.

All other restaurants at the park are operating as normal.

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DisAlJul 24, 2017

Maybe a little picky but rather than posting "Yak & Yeti Closed today for maintenance" it would really be helpful to post something like "Yak & Yeti Closed 7/20/17 for maintenance". "Today" is worse than useless after today, it is inaccurate. It could cause a lot of confusion if you had ADRs for the place "today." Please include the date in the post so readers don't have to try to figure out when you are talking about please. I wonder what they do about people who have ADRs when there is an unplanned closing. Do they get any sort of preference for seating at other restaurants or are they just out of luck?

ernobrnJul 24, 2017

A friend of a friend is a server here. They closed due to bed bugs! Yuck.

Chape19714Jul 22, 2017

Re-opened late yesterday. Everything appeared to be normal around 7pm.

AndrewsJJul 21, 2017

Oh the horrors. Children's lives will be ruined and mankind will never recover!

zakattack99Jul 21, 2017

Agreed, I just find it interesting that no one around here knows anything/is willing to talk or hint about it. I don't understand all of the hush hush surrounding this.

ravenJul 21, 2017

Very peculiar :cautious:

larryzJul 21, 2017

Has anybody seen this guy hanging around Animal Kingdom?

wdwmagicJul 21, 2017

Yak and Yeti closure extended

Gabe1Jul 21, 2017

Agree. Too many coincidences.

DaisyFayJul 20, 2017

I'm here now and got an email to change my ADR for tomorrow, as they will be closed. They offered assistance with finding other ADRs and adjusting passes via a phone line

tissandtullyJul 20, 2017

This does seem like some sort of property wide fix for code or something like that.

LieutLawwJul 20, 2017

Aliens !

dreamfinderJul 20, 2017

Yet again more unplanned restaurant maintenance. Did we ever find out what was going on?