PHOTOS - A look at all the food coming to Woody's Lunch Box in the new Toy Story Land

Apr 09, 2018 in "Woody's Lunch Box"

Woody’s Lunch Box food
Posted: Monday April 9, 2018 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toy Story Land opens June 30 2018, and along with its two rides comes a walk-up window offering classic sandwiches and snacks.

"Everyone has a special food memory, so it can be tricky putting a modern spin on the favorites," explained Lenny DeGeorge, Concept Development Culinary Director for Walt Disney World, about the year-long menu development process.  "We honored these classic dishes by using the best ingredients to elevate the flavors. How we constructed the sandwiches was important, such as layering the ingredients in a specific order, to maximize textures and flavors. Why have a cold sandwich when you can have a toasted hot, gooey cheese-filled one?"

Woody's Toy Box will offer something for breakfast, lunch and dinner, open from park open to park close - and it will be on the Disney Dining Plan.

Entree pricing ranges from $8.99 to $12.99

Here is an early look at what you'll find, and you can also view the Woody's Lunch Box menu with pricing.

Breakfast at Woody's Lunch Box

Lunch and Dinner at Woody's Lunch Box

Treats at Woody's Lunch Box

In addition to fountain drinks and lemonade, beverage offerings include a classic Barq’s root beer float and a Mystic Portal Punch (PowerAde Mountain Berry Blast with flavors of lemon-lime and tangerine). For the big kids there’s a Grown Up’s Lemonade with cherry vodka, Odwalla Lemonade, and black cherry purée.

Kids at Woody's Lunch Box

Kids’ offerings include grilled cheese sandwich or turkey sandwich, both with potato barrels and mandarin oranges. Sides include tomato basil soup, vegetable macaroni salad, potato barrels and Mini Babybel® snack cheese, the official snack cheese of Walt Disney World Resort.

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TheDukeJan 13, 2019

Hurray, those were my favorite.

ToTBellHopJan 12, 2019

Yes. I’ve alerted CNN.

TheDukeJan 12, 2019

I know I keep bumping this thread to talk about box tarts, but I heard that the raspberry ones are now back. Can anyone confirm?

TheDukeDec 15, 2018

Tried the Apple box tart and it was okay. I miss the Raspberry ones, hopefully they're back for spring/summer.

TheDukeNov 22, 2018

With the raspberry box tart being switched out for the apple one does this mean we might get seasonal fruit ones? That would be cool. It would be interesting to see what there is for spring and summer if that is the case.

ToTBellHopSep 25, 2018

Agreed. Especially for DHS, where the QSR almost uniformly sucks, we enjoyed our food. It's just the seating area that was a problem.

flyerjabSep 25, 2018

Just for a different perspective, my family of five ate there over the summer and thought that the food was excellent. Will definitely be eating there again on future trips. The seating area, however, was abysmal. Not nearly enough seats and too many had absolutely no shade. For Florida that is just unacceptable, especially when they serve items like soup! If this area was scaled back due to Chappie's cuts, he should be forced to eat lunch there everyday at high noon at a table with no umbrella. That is just common sense. We thought that the food was really good though, especially the totchos.

crawaleSep 24, 2018

We ate there in early September. Grilled cheese had a little cheese in the middle and barely grilled empty bread at the edges. For a great grilled cheese try Beaches and Cream. Tomato soup was thin and strangely colored. Brisket was inedible - fat and gristle. Plus eating outside with a 107 degree heat index. No shade. Horrible. Will never eat there again.

networkproSep 20, 2018

There's not much space in the table corral, but people insist pushing thier double wide strollers into it which makes less seating available. My wife and I ate there last week and really enjoyed the brisket sandwich even though we thought adding cheese to it was a bit strange. We also had the tomato soup and raspberry pastry. . We'll be back ;)

matt9112Sep 20, 2018

ask Disney to have guest quality standards....good luck.

ToTBellHopAug 23, 2018

I enjoyed the food but they REALLY need to only allow guests with food to sit here. The lady spraying her mist fan on her husband while snacking on Pringles in 90-degree sun today ticked me off...

Biff215Aug 18, 2018

I honestly don’t notice wasted space, it’s shoehorned in there pretty good, partly because TSMM was already there. The paths around the attractions are nice but not super wide. I agree that a larger indoor QS would have been nice but again I don’t see the space. Something like the old Pizza Planet but actually themed correctly would have been perfect next to Aliens. We didn’t bother eating in TSL due to the lack of seating and shade. It was actually one of our 5 year old’s only regrets as he wanted to try it based on videos he had seen. Overall we were very impressed with TSL. It fulfills its purpose quite well IMO and should have been built years ago. The kinetic energy and the decorations are great, particularly at night. Sure it used an existing attraction, but it created an entire land that has most of what it should. Again a bigger QS, indoor M&G, and legitimate store would certainly help. My biggest gripe is the wait times and FP situation, but that’s not the land’s fault, it’s the lack of attractions throughout the park. It should be much more enjoyable once SWL and Mickey open, or at least once the initial insanity wears off some.

TheDukeAug 18, 2018

The seating is definitely a nightmare. Fortunately I found room at one of the standing spots but even that was tough. They didn't really seem to think through the amount of people who would be there. I liked the food, though. Got the grilled cheese with tomato soup and liked it, good crispy bread with a bit of a garlic flavor and strong cheese. Loved the raspberry box tart for dessert. Maybe the best low cost dessert in the parks.

MuteSuperstarJul 28, 2018

Let's hope! Starting with edible (maybe even good?) QS burgers.