Wishes Dessert Party expands into the former FastPass+ viewing areas on Main Street U.S.A.

Apr 19, 2016 in "Fireworks Dessert Party"

Posted: Tuesday April 19, 2016 7:24am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning April 19 2016, the Magic Kingdom's Wishes Dessert party will be expanding into the former FastPass+ viewing areas.

The Main Street Plaza Gardens opened in February 2015 as part of the expansion of the Hub area, and were originally home to FastPass+ viewing of Wishes.

From April 19, guests will still attend the dessert party at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant, but guests with same-day reservations will then move to the Plaza Gardens for viewing the fireworks, with advance reservation guests remaining in the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant for the viewing. Guests who book in advance may also opt to view from the Plaza Gardens if they wish.

Same day reservations will be available from 10:30am each day at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

The Wishes Dessert Party will continue to be $59 for adults, and $35 for ages 3-9, with reservations available at 407-WDW-DINE.

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wdisney9000Jun 11, 2016

Good news? Or not enough people are paying that price so the company will now gouge the money elsewhere?

MansionButler84Jun 11, 2016

But now there are tablecloths and lanterns, so it's worth it.

hpyhnt 1000Jun 11, 2016

From my brief Google/investigative searching over the past 10 mins, the price has gone from: 2009 - $17.99/adult 2013 - $24.99/adult (based on a review from another website) 2016 - $55.39/adult (for July 18, 2016 - just went and did a mock booking to get a price). That's a roughly 300% increase since 2009.

marni1971Jun 11, 2016

I'd rather get an ice cream and stand in the hub thank you very much.

wdwhoneymoonerJun 11, 2016

From what I can gather, Adults (10 and over) are $52.99 and children (9 and under) are $31.95. That's a huuuuuuuuuuge difference since I tried it. I understand Disney added table cloths and table decor with some additional new dessert offerings, but wow! And didn't it just double in price recently?

marni1971Jun 11, 2016

$17.99. How much is it today again?

wdwhoneymoonerJun 11, 2016

Once again, I'll post how fortunate my family and I are to have tried the Dessert Party early on. I believe it was 2009(?) when the adult price was around $17.99 and the child's was about $10.99. At the time, this offering was only a few weeks into the program and we decided to buy into it for the July 4th fireworks at MK. At first I had some hesitation about getting it, but after I saw the mass of guests trying to find a spot in what little floor space was available for the show I knew this was a good idea. The party area wasn't very crowded (compared to what was in front of the castle and MS USA). The desserts were very tasty and my DD had her fill of chocolate covered strawberries. We did it and had a good time. Never wanted to try it again since, especially with the price increases and the expanded amount of tickets sold for each experience.

glvsav37Jun 11, 2016

I just read on another board that they are not taking same day dessert party reservations anymore. Well that was short lived (If true). Can anyone confirm?

Mike SApr 27, 2016

In that case I find this rather fitting. Some parallels can be made so easily.

LuxeApr 27, 2016

Has anyone else realized that Disney is basically one of those free to play micro transaction mobile games? Except Disney is one step ahead and makes you buy the app first and locks the content behind a pay wall. Disney is basically EA

drumbum67Apr 27, 2016

Some good news: They are only closing off a very small section of the right side of the hub for the dessert party. The rest is first come, first served.

wogwogApr 26, 2016

The chairs got fired.

mergatroidApr 25, 2016

I'm with you on this, would never dream of using a FP or pay to see it.

MansionButler84Apr 25, 2016

So how is this going?