Magic Kingdom fireworks dessert party price increases coming in the new year

Sep 12, 2019 in "Fireworks Dessert Party"

Posted: Thursday September 12, 2019 12:48pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Fireworks Dessert Party is set for a hefty price increase in the new year.

For Tomorrowland Terrace seating, current pricing through to January 31 2020 is $84 for adults and $50 for children. Beginning February 1 2020, pricing jumps to $99 for adults and $59 for children.

For Plaza Garden viewing, current pricing is $69 for adults and $41 for children. Beginning February 1 2020, pricing is $79 for adults, and $47 for children.

Learn more about the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party.

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MickeyboofFeb 02, 2020

Starting February 1, 2020, the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party costs $99 per adult (ages 10 and up); $59 per child (ages 3 to 9), tax included. The After-Fireworks Dessert Party now costs $89 per adult (ages 10 and up); $53 per child (ages 3 to 9), tax included. Now includes booze- beer and wine.

Ricky SpanishSep 20, 2019

Never held any GE stock, huh?

mgfSep 20, 2019

I have a strong memory of the E-ticket Night only costing $10 at one point -- we are a DVC family though so maybe there was a special rate or more likely my memory is wrong.

xdan0920Sep 20, 2019

Are you talking about the add on to the add on at MK? I mean, what did you expect? It's literally a test run to see how far they can push the guest.

Jon81ukSep 20, 2019

Its also easier to see value in the Studios party as alcoholic drinks are included, the whole party can still be seen as overpriced, but the food and drink offered at the DHS parties offers better value, whereas at MK they are charging a high price just because its the Magic Kingdom.

SirwalterraleighSep 20, 2019

So one was expensive and “bad” the other was expensive and “good”? Got it 😉

TheGenXerSep 20, 2019

We just did the MK party for the new Halloween fireworks and the Studios party for Animation/Star Wars. What a difference. MK had stuff that was roughly equivalent to supermarket made desserts with so-so view. Studios had incredible and themed appetizers and desserts and we got to sit right in front of the Theater for the show. Stormtroopers at the party too. MK was meh and studios, absolutely magical.

LilofanSep 20, 2019

Disney World where dreams come true! Keep dreaming..😎

NunuSep 20, 2019

Nope, we just laugh at your comments while sipping mimosas poolside in our Golden Oak manors. 😜

Animaniac93-98Sep 19, 2019

I’ve never heard of “wealth shaming” before this thread, but something tells me those with wealth probably don’t get offended over anonymous online comments given their income status.

daisyduckieSep 19, 2019

Yup. And it was barely worth the cost then. Glad I did it before the price became so crazy.

SirwalterraleighSep 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing the memory😉 Does it really matter? It was SOMETHING. And as you point out - things have changed over the years. The internet didn’t exist in 89. All tickets were paper and they hole punched them and then we threw them away. We can’t actually PROVE we ever had them 😎

HauntedPirateSep 19, 2019

I hate doing this, since it's far off-topic, but... I cannot find mention of E-Ride Nights prior to 1997, so I'd be genuinely curious to see something about them from 1989. Maybe it was something for MK Club members or something similar? Ok, back on topic. My wife wanted to do this and I think she booked it for our post-cruise days in March. Since we used to watch Wishes! from Tomorrowland Terrace long before TDO monetized it, I have history, but am intending to judge this on its own merits.

Figments FriendSep 19, 2019

Pretty sure it was December of 1989 when i did my first 'E-Tictet Night' with my Mom. It was her last visit to WDW, so that's why i seem to remember doing this at that time. Also remember paying about $15 for the night. Might have been $12. This version we went to may have been a early 'test' version of the later 'E-Ride Night' , but i definately remember us doing some kind of 'E-Ticket ride night' after regular Park hours one late night. We had a blast, first time riding the Tea Cups and we laughed ourselves silly. A lot of Attractions seemed to be open, and the Park was deserted. Most Guests did not know about this rather new option, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves with Cast. Good times. I have the brochure advertising the option somewhere in my archive.... -