Changes at Via Napoli - covered outdoor seating area gains doors along with a new menu

Feb 18, 2011 in "Via Napoli"

Via Napoli has made a couple of tweaks since it opened for business in August of last year. First up is a revision to the menu. Most notably, the pizzas are now offered as a "Build Your Own", taking a basic Margherita, and then adding toppings of your choice at $2 each. The signature pies are also still available, but have risen in cost to $41 for the largest size, up from $36. A number of other dishes have been removed, along with some new additions. You can view the new menu here.

Secondly, the covered seating outside has now been completed with large glass doors, meaning when the outside temperature isn't ideal, the doors can be closed off, and when the conditions are right, the doors can be opened to give that open-air dining. This greatly helps with capacity as that area is now in constant use. Check out the photo below for a look at the new doors. (You can see the previous outdoor area here)
Article Posted: Feb 18, 2011 / 10:44am EST