Tomorrowland Terrace now open exclusively for Mobile Order

Nov 07, 2017 in "Tomorrowland Terrace"

Posted: Tuesday November 7, 2017 7:07am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's seasonally operated Tomorrowland Terrace quick service restaurant is now open for a limited time offering Mobile Order only.

Operating through to November 11 2017 from 10:30am to 2pm, guests can only purchase food via the My Disney Experience Mobile Order service.

Menu items include Pulled Pork Banh Mi sandwich at $11.29, Cheeseburger at $12.29, Chicken Strips at $10.99 and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich at $9.99.

Mobile Order allows you to pay for meals on-the-go within the My Disney Experience app, bypassing the queue to order at the restaurant. Using the app, you can select menu items, customize an order and pre-pay for a meal.

Arriving at the restaurant, you'll tap an “I’m here” button in the app, which will notify the kitchen to prepare the meal. When ready, you'll be alerted through the app to pick up the meal at a designated window. Only credit card payments will initially be accepted via Mobile Order, Disney Dining Plan guests and those wishing to use a discount will have to use the regular line.

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MrPromeyNov 13, 2017

You lost me. How does a location that offers no registers at all have separate DDP registers? ... Not that I think separate DDP registers wouldn't be a good thing... in fact, the beauty of that approach would be that nobody on either side of that split would know if they were the "lesser" or more "elite" crowd in that scenario unless they already had a decent understanding on how those plans impact the ordering process in a crowd situation.

networkproNov 10, 2017

Seperate DDP registers :)

MrPromeyNov 10, 2017

No problem! I was just checking because there had been some mention about a couple of other touch screen locations that seemed to be gone a ways back. I wonder if, counter-intuitively, the touche screens cause problems at this location in busy seasons. It's a smaller spot and if I remember correctly, there were only two of them. What I don't recall at all is if we even had an optioni to bypas them. When traffic is light they may be able to go low on staffing between these, the kitchen and one person working a register for the final checkecout but when bussier, I could see smooenoe running into a problem backing up the whole system, sort of like someone getting a flat tire at one of the speakers in a McD's two-lane drive-through. Would be interesting to see if they are back after the holidays this year.

nickysNov 10, 2017

Yes, sorry!

MrPromeyNov 10, 2017

Are you talking about the Contemporary?

GlacierGlacierNov 10, 2017

I was at MK the other weekend and used Mobile Ordering the entire day. In every instance, I'd have my food in my hands before my friends who were in the regular queue even got to the register. It's wonderful.

nickysNov 09, 2017

At Christmas I was expecting the order screens, but we just ordered at the registers. Thought it was a bit odd but never asked about it, mainly because we never really had much of a wait.

MrPromeyNov 09, 2017

Getting your money and getting you out of that crowded line to make room for someone else to stand there benefits them as much as it does you. I doubt they want to limit guest's opportunity to reduce overall lines and increase their potential throughput during the busy hours.

MrPromeyNov 09, 2017

Last time I was there (contemporary), that's how it worked for ordering but we still had to pay at a register. It's been a while though so I don't know if it's still that way.

DisneyFreakNov 09, 2017

They used to have this at Captain Cook's at the Poly and then removed it. Not sure of the reason. I think they still have this at the counter service restaurant on the concourse at the Contemporary and every time we've used it, it's been great. I thought it was simple enough to use.

MrPromeyNov 09, 2017

Since you asked, maybe you can make my day a little better and clear something up for me. I'm going to ignore the "offering every amenity" swipe since I think no reasonable person on earth would consider ordering and paying for fast-food in person some outlandish pandering luxury in normal context.but I wanted to make sure you don't think I missed what you tried to do there. I totally get what you're talking about in terms of "Types of payment, entitlement recitations eliminated, queues, and Johnny/Janie Tourist whom cant decide exactly what they want to eat but are at the front of the line." but my question - and it's an honest one - is how do you not already get that today in every location that now offers mobile ordering as an option in addition to the "old" way? From my experience, that's exactly how it already works. I must be missing something but nobody who is disagreeing with me seems to want to point out what I'm missing. Instead, they all just keep describing how mobile ordering already works at all of the locations you can still order and pay in person at. I assume you've used mobile ordering at some of the other places on property that offer it. How would this experience be enhanced beyond that for you?

nbdysrealNov 09, 2017

Speaking of "Premium viewing", I'm kind of shocked this isn't limited to Resort guests. "Stay on resort and take advantage of mobile ordering! Spend less time in line, more time enjoying the parks (and shops)!"

networkproNov 09, 2017

I hope your day is going better than this diatribe suggests. So your argument is that every location should offer every amenity ? I'll argue that this test location offers a different experience.. a truly quick service... one faster than even self service kiosks (like the Mega McDonalds has on I Drive). Types of payment, entitlement recitations eliminated, queues, and Johnny/Janie Tourist whom cant decide exactly what they want to eat but are at the front of the line. I wouldnt expect every counter service to go completely this direction, but giving those who choose expedited food delivery the option sans the order/payment queue is a plus.

HauntedPirateNov 09, 2017

That allows them to up-sell a "Premium viewing location" to the sheep willing to pay for it. Anywho... I can see the benefit of ordering in advance, but when the day comes that hordes are ordering in advance and all tapping the "I'm here, prepare my food" button... I would hope that they will expand kitchen capacity to compensate for any expected uptick in ordering, lest those hordes of hangry people start getting unruly. I'd like to try mobile ordering sometime, but I am not sure when the next time is I'll be visiting. :(