Famous Talking Trash Can is back at EPCOT

Aug 04, 2022 in "The Odyssey"

Talking Trash Can at The Odyssey
Posted: Thursday August 4, 2022 7:52am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Talking Trash Can has made its long-awaited return to EPCOT this past week.

You can find it in The Odyssey, which is currently operating as a Food and Wine Festival location. 

The trash can is near the seating area's entrance, directly across from the registers.

Watch the video below to hear the Talking Trash Can in action at The Odyssey. (4K YouTube)

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mf1972Aug 10, 2022

i thought the taking trash can was sitting in an office in burbank 🤔

Figments FriendAug 09, 2022

Great idea...someone needs to do this ! ( thinks for a moment, then evil laugh....) I know just what it should say, too. Something about Bob C. needing to be placed inside. Somethin'.... -

danlb_2000Aug 08, 2022

Would be funny if this was just something created by a guest. It would be trivial to build a battery powered device that can do this, just stick it to the inside of the flap when no one is looking.

Gabe1Aug 08, 2022

I prefer PUSH. He was a cute interactive fun. Have you heard if the talking drinking fountains are returning to EPCOT. Miss the little things At Disney.

note2001Aug 08, 2022

You mistook my comment as negative. I was merely pointing out that it was a large RC with a speaker. I still enjoyed watching it. Didn't think the controller was creepy at all, he was part of the fun.

JoeCamelAug 08, 2022

Or a walk around with their hand shoved up a baby dino's butt at Universal it's neat and something entertaining. They all add to the the richness of the experience. The bare bones approach leaves you feeling dissatisfied.

GCTalesAug 08, 2022

Nor was Remy at chefs de france.. but both added streetmosphere (restaurantosphere?). So what if they were basically remote control devices with a mic. Many of the classic rides are not exactly current high tech. The interaction and environment they create is something that is no longer of importance to the current adminisrration.

note2001Aug 08, 2022

The dude with one hand in his pocket and muttering into his collar? 🤣 Push (the mobile) was not quite as sophisticated as people think it was. It was simple, but fun :)

Figments FriendAug 08, 2022

Dang it, I miss this!! PUSH needs to return. -

rmwebsAug 07, 2022

The only downside with PUSH was that you had a rather creepy looking cast member in quite clearly not tourist clothing sitting very close by looking like a reject from the secret service.

rmwebsAug 07, 2022

I guarantee that a certain Mr Morrow will be eating one of his 4 entrees over it by the weekend.

Phil12Aug 07, 2022

PUSH (the original talking trash can) was not only mobile, he could also carry on a conversation with you. This new trash can is not as sophisticated as PUSH. And PUSH had a cousin (Pipa) that worked at Rafiki's Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom. And then there was Wes Palm too.

GCTalesAug 07, 2022

I miss the true PUSH....

Dead2009Aug 05, 2022

on my way to document, thanks for the idea!