PHOTOS - Taste Track Burgers and Fries kiosk arrives ahead of Electric Umbrella closing

Feb 11, 2020 in "Taste Track Burgers and Fries"

Taste Track Burgers and Fries kiosk installation

The Taste Track Burgers and Fries kiosk at Epcot is now in position by the Cool Wash kiosk outside Test Track.

When it opens, the kiosk will offer burgers, fries and salads, and is intended as a temporary replacement for the Electric Umbrella, which will soon close as part of the Epcot redevelopment project.

A closing date for the Electric Umbrella is still to be confirmed.

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Article Posted: Feb 11, 2020 / 11:53am ET
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PurduevianJul 16, 2020

Too bad the other park down the road has a much better IP for that (Even if the IP is owned by disney, but not the theme park rights?)

larryzJul 16, 2020

Or park a police car next to it...

PurduevianJul 16, 2020

They at least need to have some fun with the themeing if it's a doughnut shop right outside test track... Put some doughnut tire marks on the building and ground around it.

TwilightZoneJul 15, 2020

wdwmagicJul 15, 2020

Well it never did make it even after the reopening - taste Track has become the Donut Box.

WEDway Inc & Company LLCJun 19, 2020

Come again?

WEDway Inc & Company LLCJun 19, 2020

Come again?

peter11435Jun 19, 2020

The list doesn’t represent locations that that are reopening. It represents that cast statused to those locations are being called back.

FigmentsFangirlJun 19, 2020

According to the places to eat coming back list, Electric Umbrella cast members got their callbacks ? I thought it was gutted ? But its on the list of returning resturant locations in Epcot on the front page ?

Cmdr_CrimsonMay 08, 2020

I wouldn't be surprised if it comes back now due to the hub-jub of nonsense were dealing with to cut corners..Hopefully, they haven't gutted anything inside as of yet.

NunuMar 30, 2020

My guess would be, yes. Eventually.

GrandCanyonConcourseMar 30, 2020

Will electric umbrella still be renovated?

TwilightZoneMar 21, 2020


wdwmagicMar 20, 2020

Despite looking like it could open any minute, it never did make it to an opening, this was shot on the last day of operations.