Patina job listing suggests February 2020 opening for Space 220 at Epcot

Nov 22, 2019 in "Space 220 Restaurant"

A recent job posting by Patina Restaurant Group, the operator of the upcoming Space 220 restaurant at Epcot, suggests an opening of the new restaurant in early 2020.

The listing indicates training to begin in January 2020, with a launch of the restaurant in February 2020.

Construction on the restaurant began back in July 2018, and promises a culinary experience featuring the celestial panorama of a space station, including daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up.

You’ll board a special elevator for a journey to a space station, and along the way, viewports will give you a real-time perspective as you travel high above the planet.

Here is the job listing from Patina.

Mission Control invites you to join the crew at Space 220 for an expedition like no other. The planets have aligned for you to be a part of the latest cutting-edge and out-of-this-world restaurant. Help ensure a smooth departure as guests blast off to enter the International Space Station suspended 220 miles above the Earth’s surface and assist in delivering an unmatched intergalactic dining experience. With stellar views and gourmet menu offerings, Space 220 is truly “The Height of Dining.”

The Opportunity
Space 220 plans to launch in February 2020 and we're looking for Bartenders to join our crew and start training in January. Our ideal Bartenders are experienced cocktail makers and beer pourers, you have great interpersonal skills, are excited about contributing to a team, and are dedicated to creating a memorable guest experience.

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Article Posted: Nov 22, 2019 / 3:18pm ET
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MansionButler8427 days ago

Should be open by summer.

mhochmanDec 23, 2020

Cars there. Must be ready to open! Kidding, but I hope it at least means they're actively inside prepping/finishing/planning menus. I feel like this is vaporware (which I realize isn't fair to say given everything going on).

RteetzDec 22, 2020

dmwDec 18, 2020

Maybe we guess on a 2/20 date again?

Lunchb0x48Dec 18, 2020

I'm hearing March

mhochmanDec 18, 2020

Any updates on this project? Possible timeline to completion? Anyone heard anything?

nickysDec 07, 2020

I think the timing is down to Patina. They must be taking big hits elsewhere, maybe they can’t afford to hire a chef and staff to run it at the moment.

RteetzDec 05, 2020

LastoneOnDec 05, 2020

Well, if its not a mounting plate they sure have decided to accommodate the "pooh sized" guests haven't they.

techgeekDec 02, 2020

Perhaps there are some unique considerations that prevent Space 220 from operating with Covid distancing and capacity restrictions in play.

RememberWhenDec 01, 2020

Yes. It does, but it would be a nice “look at this awesome new restaurant we’re opening for the 50th” situation for them.

RSoxNo1Dec 01, 2020

On the latest Jim and Len show, Jim said a fall 2021 opening... seems late, no?

MisterPenguinNov 30, 2020

That was the plan. Pray COVID doesn't alter the plans.

PurduevianNov 30, 2020

I seem to remember saying there would be a "preshow" for this restaurant with a space elevator taking you to the restaurant. I assume these will be mechanically identical to the star wars cruiser and similar in vein (but reverse idea) from the old hydrolators?