Alcoholic drink prices rise at Walt Disney World

Oct 11, 2022 in "Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen"

Posted: Tuesday October 11, 2022 10:17am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a resort-wide round of price increases today, Disney has raised the price of some alcoholic drinks at many of the Walt Disney World restaurants.

Most single-glass alcoholic beverages have seen a $1 price increase, with bottles of wine up by $4 to $5.

Taking the Liberty Tree Tavern as an example:

  • Federalist Cabernet bottle - now $53, previously $49
  • Liberty Sangria - now $12, previously $11
  • Mimosa - now $14, previously $13

Disney recently expanded the alcoholic beverage offerings at Magic Kingdom, introducing a variety of cocktails at Liberty Tree Tavern and Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen.

Today also saw price increases for Genie+, and builder experiences at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

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BuddyThomasOct 24, 2022

I remember the old days on here when all the rich people kept posting about how Disney should raise their prices as high as possible so the crowds would be lower, basically saying without actually saying it that lower income people should not be able to attend, and should just be happy to play in the dirt outside the gates instead. I hope all those people are happy now.

MisterPenguinOct 24, 2022

Who's gonna stop me?!?!!!??!

JoelOct 24, 2022

Can you compare them? Yes, of course. Clearly you have demonstrated that. May you? Absolutely not!

lazyboy97oOct 24, 2022

And what’s better than 7 people willing to spend $8.50? 11 people willing to spend $8.50. Disney has supposedly been pursuing lower visitation for years but has never really acted on it until now. And even then they’re still doing things like adding timeshares.

Disstevefan1Oct 24, 2022

Totally agree. Right now, what they are doing seems to be working. Time will tell. I'll be watching from the sidelines. And when I say sidelines, I mean Universal and SeaWorld ;)

LSLSOct 24, 2022

I'm commenting on you saying there is always someone to come in to pay the prices and replace those that hit their breaking point. I think there are questions now if that is the case. We don't know til we see another year or two of data. And I will say it doesn't have to be the case (1-1 replacements) as long as the current average spent multiplied by attendance is still greater than it used to be. BUT, as attendance decreases, and things get more expensive, I question where that peak might be. I'm sure there are people willing to pay $7 for an ice cream bar but are there enough? If 10 people were paying $5 for that bar, are there still 8 willing to pay that $7? Will 7 pay if it goes to $8.50? That's really the question I'm asking. And of course, how does it factor in if people's friends start telling them "They changed the ice cream, it's gross now." Basically, my point was per guest spending only matters as long as the drop in attendance doesn't trend lower than the amount of price increases.

Disstevefan1Oct 24, 2022

We agree it's still crazy crowded. Will it ever be (or feel) less crowded. Probably not.

Disstevefan1Oct 24, 2022

I think you are still trying to use attendance as a measure? Is it true per guest spending is way up?

crazy4disneyOct 24, 2022

i understood what you are saying and my answer is still nope lol....

Disstevefan1Oct 24, 2022

You misunderstood my post. Yes of course it's still crowded, but technically they are making more money with less people entering the parks. Will there be a time where it becomes so costly that enough people do not choose to show up such that if feels less crowded? I do not know.

John park hopperOct 24, 2022

Or staffing

crazy4disneyOct 24, 2022

short answer nope... parks are still crazy crowded and they refuse to add appropriate capacity to solve that problem...

LSLSOct 24, 2022

But the data makes me question if that is true. Now, I won't say it outright that they have passed some sort of peak because one year does not make a trend. But we are definitely seeing Disney having more of an issue rebounding in attendance in 2021 than any other Florida park (and significantly more than Universal, and I can make the case the caps aren't the reason. Maybe APs are a big part, I don't know that data at all). If that continues through the 2022 data, I think you have to question if those people are being replaced. And if they aren't, then you are paying close attention to that graph of attendance vs. profit to see where that peak really is. BUT, I think people are completely kidding themselves if they think the price increases/attendance drops will do ANYTHING to make the parks feel less crowded/decrease wait times (not saying you are one of the people claiming that, just pointing it out in context of my other statements).

Disstevefan1Oct 24, 2022

I think breaking points are being hit every day, its different for everyone. I just think for the folks they lose, there are many more that will pay the price.