New Caribbean Beach Resort table service restaurant announced - Sebastian's Bistro

Aug 15, 2018 in "Sebastian's Bistro"

Sebastian's Bistro concept art
Posted: Wednesday August 15, 2018 4:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

When the reimagining of Old Port Royale is complete later this year at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, a new table service restaurant will open in a new location on the waterfront.

Sebastian's Bistro will offer a menu that blends Latin and Caribbean flavors, the interior will reflect a tropical beachfront home, from coral patterns and kelp filigree, to lure-inspired art and nautical designs.

Sebastian's Bistro will replace the former Shutters restaurant as the resort's table service offering.

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surfsupdonOct 11, 2018

Nice review thank you. I’m excited too. After a year at Riverside, our Senior Trip is back to Caribbean and we cannot be more excited. On a side note- it says in Disney’s site ALL pools at CBR now have towels available. When did that start? They did not in April of 2017. Pre refurb.

Prince-1Oct 10, 2018

His cousin Stan is.

Tony the TiggerOct 10, 2018

Looking forward to trying Sebastian’s!

wdwmagicOct 10, 2018

REVIEW - Sebastian's Bistro at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

21stampsOct 09, 2018

I’m actually happy not to see it on the menu, would be totally out of place. Glad they stuck with a Caribbean theme.. I could make a meal of the apps alone!

SuperShredderOct 03, 2018

Jaleos at Disney Springs is going to fill that void! Hopefully well :)

TJ VazquezOct 03, 2018

That is a cusine that is actually quite under represented in WDW IMO. While Spice Road Table has "tapas" most their items are non-spainish dishes. Food and Wine is about as close as you'll get to true Spanish food.

thebreardsOct 03, 2018

Was hoping for a Paella dish on this menu! Anyone know where that may be served in WDW besides Bongos?

Missing20KOct 02, 2018

I'm not sure if you mean the "Meat Pie" will or will not have crust surrounding it. But this is to what I was referring: Jamaican Patty

Tony the TiggerOct 02, 2018

Menu sounds good to me! Right up my alley. Now I just need the QS to keep my pulled pork with Caribbean slaw sandwich.

Andrew COct 02, 2018


Jon81ukOct 02, 2018

I thought Sebastian was a Lobster?

mlw119Oct 02, 2018

I believe meat pie in this instance doesn't mean a simple patty, it would have an enclosed crust around it.. similar to an empanada. Just a assumption though.