PHOTOS - A look at Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Aug 05, 2020 in "Roundup Rodeo BBQ"

Roundup Rodeo BBQ construction - August 2020

Here is quick look at the latest progress on the upcoming Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The main building is clearly visible from within the land

Looking at concept art of the entrance, we can expect minimal theming to disguise the box structure.

Original plans called for a 2020 opening, but it remains uncertain how that will be impacted by COVID-19.

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Article Posted: Aug 05, 2020 / 9:00am ET
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mattpeto22 days ago

Ronto Roasters is one of our favorites and Woody's Lunch Box is decent. Anything down Sunset Blvd is not enticing at all. I've done Brown Derby twice and the food is good, but it's not worth the price IMO. Sci-Fi is more of a greasy food experience. If you love that food, go for it. We went last year and I won't make a point to get back for a long time.

jaxonpAug 14, 2020

that’s great, Disney has the ability to produce great steaks at most signature restaurants but the consistance and service lacks at derby... it’s not a bad restaurant but the competition is stiff at the top.

MovieloverAug 14, 2020

The steak that I had at Brown Derby my last trip was honestly the best cooked steak I have ever had. I still have yet to find something that taste as good as that wonderful cut of beef! GE's food was great! The Ronto Wraps were very tasty and the Endorian Tip Yip was very good.

mandstaftAug 14, 2020

Sci-Fi was just great on our last trip! It can be hit and miss as we have eaten there over several decades.

TJ VazquezAug 14, 2020

Our go to items are the Cobb Salads for lunch. You can get out of there under $50 for lunch if you so choose. Or you can go big and get the wine/Steak/grapefruit cake haha

RSoxNo1Aug 14, 2020

From a price point, it's still attainable as a signature dining, especially for lunch.

TJ VazquezAug 14, 2020

I love The Brown Derby, its a must stop for Lunch when we are in DHS and Narcossee's is phenomenal, particularly if you can time it with the fireworks as well.

jaxonpAug 14, 2020

Agreed. As far a Signatures go- Cali Grill, Tiffins, Jiko, Monsieur Paul, Tekumi-tei, Boathouse & Citricos are wildly better. Don't @ me with Le Cellier ... it's trash.

jaxonpAug 14, 2020

Brown Derby is better than anything at DHS or MK but it should be as a Signature... that said.. it may be, imo, the worst Signature on property. Docking Bay is so overrated. Yes it is better than many of the quick serves out there but its wildly inconsistent and just not all that great. Even, Cali's version isn't much better and DL knows how to do quick serve food.

UNCgolfAug 14, 2020

There isn't a TS restaurant worthy of dinner at either park except possibly Brown Derby and Be Our Guest. I haven't personally been to Brown Derby but I've heard mixed reviews. Be Our Guest isn't terrible, but you're paying a significant surcharge for the setting compared to the food quality. I'd much rather go eat somewhere like Flying Fish or California Grill if I'm going to spend that much money.

RSoxNo1Aug 14, 2020

I was going to post the same thing. I'd say Docking Bay 7 is the best quick service option in both parks and Brown Derby is probably the best table service. Both DHS and MK need help dining wise, but DHS seems to be going in the right direction while MK is largely stagnant.

BubbaisWokeAug 14, 2020

I've only had 2 WDW trips in my life but from what I remember, I don't remember wanting to eat at DHS at all outside of Sci-Fi (must go a a first-timer although the food is just okay). I easily remember where I did or wanted to eat in the other three parks, both quick & table service. I haven't been to the parks since TSL & SWGE has been opened, but I've been to the westcoast version and wasn't too impressed either. The hummus dish at Docking Bay was wonderful though. DHS could use an upgrade in the food department for sure. Glad to hear Woody's lunch is good at least.

Magic FeatherAug 13, 2020

Magic Kingdom says “hi”

jaxonpAug 13, 2020

Studios has the worst food options of any park. It has needed help for years. I personally don't think the food in SWGE is as good as people make it out to be. It's certainly not as good as Satuli. Woody's lunch box is a win for me.. both breakfast and lunch are solid for QS options. Brown Derby is solid but nothing spectacular in the world of sig dinning at WDW.