The Plaza Restaurant Goes Behind Refurbishment Walls at Magic Kingdom

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Plaza Restaurant refurbishment - June 19 2024
Posted: Wednesday June 19, 2024 10:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Plaza Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A., at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, is currently behind refurbishment walls undergoing an exterior refresh.


The walls cover most of the exterior, although the restaurant remains open for business and is accessed through the regular entrance.

The Plaza Restaurant offers a quaint dining experience with a nostalgic Victorian ambiance. Known for its classic American fare, the restaurant offers sandwiches, burgers, and salads. The Plaza is a popular choice for guests seeking a quieter dining option within the hustle and bustle of the park. Reservations are recommended, as walk-in availability can be scarce, particularly during peak hours.

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Mickeyboof8 days ago

Anyone have pictures from the inside? Is it dark and dreary for the foreseeable future?

JoeCamel9 days ago

Humidity is working.....

CntrlFlPete9 days ago

I think they ironed the plaza scrim and two thirds of the one next door

castlecake2.014 days ago

Dang it you beat me to it

ToTBellHop14 days ago

Thankfully, the Florida humidity will steam out those wrinkles in a jiffy.

Brian14 days ago

When Disneyland refurbishes their buildings, the scrims don't have wrinkles ;)

wedenterprises14 days ago

oh wow look at that.

Rteetz14 days ago

JoeCamel19 days ago

Late to the party

TheCoasterNerd19 days ago

I was talking about this year's refurb, when yes, they did

peter1143519 days ago

That’s not true.

wedenterprises19 days ago

castlecake2.019 days ago


Brian19 days ago

Just like on the Main Street buildings on both coasts, working from a height like on the scaffolding of the castle requires extensive prep work to scale up, work from, and scale back down safely. Even more so when it comes to erecting or dismantling scaffolding. They also can't just plop down the scaffolding wherever they feel like it. These are old buildings which may not have the structural integrity to support scaffolding in certain areas, and they're also ornately decorated, meaning you can't just erect it on/near certain design elements. All of this to say that it takes a while to get the job done safely and right. If it means a couple days of bad show, so be it. Can they shave a little time off by hiring more workers? Maybe. But the more workers you have, the less efficient you become as people start getting in each other's way.