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Dec 22, 2017 in "Pizza Ponte"

Pizza Ponte overview
Posted: Friday December 22, 2017 12:14pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Pizza Ponte, the newest quick service restaurant at Disney Springs, is now in soft open at The Landing.

One of four new venues opening this winter at Disney Springs, Pizza Ponte is the quick service concept serving pizza by the slice, made-to-order hot sandwiches and authentic Italian desserts.

For more about the backstory of Pizza Ponte and how the new venues are positioned within Disney Springs, read our Sneak Peek tour post.

Everything is laid out on a counter alongside an open-kitchen, where you can see all the pizza varieties on offer and make your selections.

The Pizza menu

The Sandwich menu

The Dessert menu

Dining Room

Seating is available both indoors and out, and although compact, looks very elegant and airy. The large windows looking out onto The Landing are a nice touch.

The Food

If you order multiple slices, instead of on a tray they are served on a large flat piece of cardboard as seen below.

We tried a couple of different pizzas each priced at $7 and came away impressed. Very authentic, and different to anything else on offer at Disney Springs - the closest at Disney World would be Via Napoli at Epcot.

There will be obvious comparisons to the recently opened Blaze Pizza, which has proven very popular at Disney Springs. Both serve pizza, but they are very different. Pizza Ponte is by the slice, has a more substantial crust, and fewer, but perhaps more exotic toppings. We thought a slice of Pizza Ponte pizza was roughly equivalent to just under one of the whole pizzas at Blaze, although Blaze probably wins on the value of money scale with its customization and size. So which is the best? Impossible to say - everyone likes something different in pizza, but this is one you should add to your list to try on your next Disney Springs visit.

Like the pizza, most desserts are priced at $7 each and offer something very different to what you'll find elsewhere.

An official opening date has not yet been announced, but plans are to have all four of the new venues fully open in January 2018.

Click the gallery for more pictures of Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs.

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mthorntoJan 22, 2018

My family ate there last week and really enjoyed it as well. We have Blaze pizza where we live so having a different option was great.

djkidkazJan 19, 2018

Tried this pizza yesterday and it wasn’t bad, but I can’t say I’m rushing to get back there like I was after my first blaze pizza. And for a $3 price difference I really can’t justify choosing this over blaze any day. Not knocking the pizza and this would be a great option if blaze wasn’t within walking distance, but it is.

invaderJan 05, 2018

There are still a few in Tallahassee and Jacksonville if you ever make it to either city

monykalynJan 05, 2018

This is an alternative when Blaze is packed and hour long wait. Hubs and I were getting back from parks and wanted pizza. Didn't realize this was open and walked right in. Very busy but seating to be had. The slices are huge! And the mushroom pizza is so good. We also tried the prosciutto one and one with kale and tomato. All pretty good, but as hungry as we started out we could finish them all!

Texas84Dec 26, 2017

Still miss stopping in Gainesville on my way down to the World.

Cmdr_CrimsonDec 24, 2017

Disneyquest use to serve great pizza when The Cheesecake factory was running FoodQuest and when they dropped out and went with the Parks quick service it was just as bad...

trainplane3Dec 23, 2017

I'm here now. I'm not a pizza person at all, actually I dislike it, but this convinced me to try it. It's very good and slices are massive. I'm actually eating the spicy salami pizza and it's great. Deserts are pricey ($7 for tarimazu, butcher the spelling) but everything looks good. It's a bit hectic right now. You can tell it's a soft open, they're still working the kinks out. Seating isn't that bad but I can see how it won't be well received. I give it a thumbs up though! Just one thumbs up though, but that's still good in the world of trainplane3. Oh the staff were incredible. Super nice all the way around! Also, Tim Tracker is behind me. Huh. Edit: Parents got deserts. They said they were very good but should be a dollar or two cheaper. They look small but are a good portion to go along with a bigger-than-face size of pizza. The price might turn some off though. Some of the staffs english with Italian accents were hard to understand, but that's something so minor to me that I would never dock that against any place (it's not fair, period). I'm pretty good with an accent barrier (huzah working at an airport for 3 years) but they did throw me off slightly. Regardless, it does add to the overall feel! Simply put, I liked it a lot.

Jon81ukDec 23, 2017

It’s a quick service place. They want guests in and out in half an hour, not lounging around.

DisneyJayLDec 23, 2017

Stop asking for unicorns! ;)

DisneyJayLDec 23, 2017

I will definitely try this place. Looks like it offers more for those interested in more than just pizza. Blaze is still a good choice for the family but this looks like something for me and the wife.

Bullseye1967Dec 23, 2017

I will try it, but I also think Blaze will keep getting my regular business.

Fox&HoundDec 23, 2017

See this is exactly what pizza rizzo should have become when it reopened!!!!! How WDW can bring in these awesome businesses and keep selling their awful “pizza” is beyond me...

ThatMouseDec 23, 2017

It's too bad they don't sell real pizza at Disney World like that!

ToriDec 23, 2017

I'll stick with Blaze..