Refurbishment dates changed for Narcoossee's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Jun 23, 2022 in "Narcoossee's"

Posted: Thursday June 23, 2022 8:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Narcoossee's at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort will now be closing from July 14 2022 for its lengthy refurbishment. 

The closure was originally planned to begin in mid-June.

There is no word yet on what changes will be made, but the table service restaurant will reopen later in 2022 with enhancements. Reservations will continue to be available at Narcoossee's through July 13 2022.

To add more dining capacity to the resort, Citricos will be available 7 days a week beginning July 14.

The refurbishment of Narcoossee's comes alongside Disney making numerous changes to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, which includes the new Disney Vacation Club wing and recent updates to Citricos and the Enchanted Rose Lounge.

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UNCgolfApr 12, 2023

That's not any different from the previous look, though, which also had a beach resort type feel. I think that's intentional. If anything the new look is a bit more upscale.

SpectroMagicianApr 12, 2023

The chairs and finishes look pretty cheap, similar to a beach resort type of feel. It does not look like a fine dining experience to me at all. I have no problem paying premium prices for a premium experience, but from those pictures it looks like that is the type of place you would actually go in a bathing suit.

UNCgolfApr 12, 2023

I have similar thoughts. That blackened redfish dish sounds and looks phenomenal, and I like most of the interior -- but things like the mandalas make it feel like something tossed together to display in a magazine that offers those items for sale.

castlecake2.0Apr 12, 2023

This is what gets me every time. They need to find a balance of updated and modern while still grounding the space in a specific time and story. I like everything but the chandeliers, the props at the bar, and the mandalas. They should have left the fans, adds some kinetics. The props behind the bar and the mandalas all look off the rack from home goods. Imagineering used to go out and collect period pieces, that’s what this is lacking. This hotel is supposed to be turn of the century Florida beach resort. Find some pieces that reflect that to have in the space. When everything is brand new it lacks character and story.

LittleBufordApr 12, 2023

The food sounds lovely, and the space looks fresh and pleasant. I still think it lacks specificity of character, and the carved mandalas and new mural look very tacky to me.

Disney AnalystApr 12, 2023

Great review. This refurb really sounds like a win. It’s a gorgeous space now, and the food looks amazing.

wdwmagicApr 12, 2023

REVIEW The newly reimagined Narcoosee's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World

Eric GrahamApr 03, 2023

Thank you so much! My wife's brother thinks that BB is one of the best restaurants in the US. We've never eaten there before.

Dr.GrantSeekerApr 03, 2023

This is way better than any restaurant at Disney. I’ve dined at almost ever Disney “Signature” restaurant. We dine at BB all the time never once have had a negative experience. The food is amazing and so is the entire staff. It’s not cheap, but you get nothing but excellence from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave. Edit: I also want to add I ate at Narcoossee’s on opening night. Food was great. Liked the new seafood inspired charcuterie board a lot. I do think the interior is vastly improved, but I do feel as though it doesn’t have enough charm to feel like a Victorian sea side restaurant. Don’t necessarily think it did before with the exception of the lovely mural which is now gone and the hardwood floors. And to be clear I don’t hate Disney Signature restaurants I do enjoy most of them. But the Disney experience is very different from a true lux restaurant such as Bull & Bear or even Capa which are both excellent top of the line restaurants.

Centauri Space StationApr 03, 2023

Upscale seaside

AylaApr 03, 2023

What's the theme?

Centauri Space StationApr 03, 2023

Huge upgrade

BrianApr 02, 2023

Well done! Hopefully they put the team that handled this refurb on the lobby project.

wdwfan_pmApr 02, 2023

Any chance they brought back yards of beer and/or the seven seas seven scoop sampler?