Narcoossee's at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort closing for extended refurbishment

Apr 08, 2022 in "Narcoossee's"

Narcoossee's dining room
Posted: Friday April 8, 2022 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Narcoossee's at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort will be closing June 18 2022 for a lengthy refurbishment. 

There is no word yet on what changes will be made, but the table service restaurant will reopen later in 2022 with enhancements. Reservations will continue to be available at Narcoossee's through June 17 2022.

To add more dining capacity to the resort, Citricos will be available 7 days a week beginning June 26.

The refurbishment of Narcoossee's comes alongside Disney making numerous changes to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, which includes the new Disney Vacation Club wing currently under development and recent updates to Citricos and the Enchanted Rose Lounge.

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Chupaca BruhJun 24, 2022

I take enhanced to indicate it will cost more to eat there than previously.

helenabearJun 24, 2022

I take enhanced to mean redone in style. I hope they don't add IPs. If they do prix fixe I won't bother either. It's incredibly hard for me to do those with a weirdo allergy. Causes more problems than it is worth and I never eat 3 full courses. Even 2 is not normal for me at restaurants.

castlecake2.0Jun 24, 2022

No one said it’s going to a prix fixe menu, they could have done that without needing a six month refurbishment.

Richie248Jun 24, 2022

Do you think they will integrate an IP? And yes, I feel like the word "enhanced" means over-priced prix fixe. Not a fan of prix fixe menus as I don't have the appetite for three courses.

TouchdownJun 23, 2022

Not a fan of price fixe 3 courses, I usually order an entree and dessert.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJun 23, 2022

Soooo - looks like "Dead for the Holidays" :(. DVC Owners - seriously considering cancelling NOV 2022, banking the points, and already transferring our contracts to our dear children, gratis. I don't know why they want 'em - guessing cruises.

monothingieJun 23, 2022

Gave the new menu a try in May. It was beyond disappointing. They had such dynamic menu with many interesting options and instead gave it the McDonalds treatment. I absolutely despise ordering Appetizers, Entrees, and Deserts all the same time. It made the whole experience seem cheap.

TuvaluJun 23, 2022

CG was a must-do for us every trip. Gave the Prix Fixe the old college try. Won’t be back unless there are changes.

monothingieJun 23, 2022

You can thank Bob Chapek bean counters for this. Looking to squeeze every last drop from the guest to maximize revenue. Guest satisfaction be damned. They dumbed down the California Grill with their idiotic prix fixe menu. Now they're going for the same here. Pretty soon you're just going to pre-select Chicken, Beef, or Fish in MDE 90 days prior to your arrival so that they know what to have for you when you show up.

TuvaluJun 23, 2022

AKA Prix Fixe menu. Sad because my daughter and I enjoyed sharing a filet with the add-on grilled asparagus and loaded mashed potatoes. More than enough food for both of us. Prix fixe is way too much food for us in addition to a large cost increase. Not to mention we ate well before fireworks and had no interest in returning to view them from the porch. Last week was likely our last visit if Narcoossee’s goes Prix Fixe.

DCBakerJun 23, 2022

Update on the dates - "Beginning July 14, 2022, Narcoossee’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa will be unavailable due to refurbishment. However, reservations at Narcoossee’s will be available through July 13, 2022. We expect to return next year with an enhanced table service experience."

leiaorganaMay 27, 2022

Same. I managed to get one for 4th July the other day. The calendar’s greyed out from the 5th July onwards now.

wdwfan_pmMay 27, 2022

Has this refurbishment been delayed? I was able to secure ADR for Narcoosees on 6/28/22

danlb_2000Apr 18, 2022

Permit was filed Friday for this. No expiration date so it defaults to 1 year. Contractor is Acomb Ostendorf & Associates. They have worked on numerous theme park related projects including The Edison, Mario and Enzo, and Morimoto Asia. 3441 FLORIDIAN WY(GRAND FLORIDIAN BLDG (9) NARCOOSEES) - Project Management - Design/Build Renovation