12 Beers of Christmas event coming to Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

Nov 20, 2018 in "Morimoto Asia"

Posted: Tuesday November 20, 2018 12:06pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto will host the first annual “12 Beers of Christmas” at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs on Sunday December 2 2018.

The event will feature multiple stations of holiday-themed beers from local breweries including Crooked Can Brewing Company, Rogue Ales, Coppertail Brewing Company, Redlight Redlight, Bowigens, Cask & Larder, Red Cypress, 3 Daughters, Baird Brewing, Hourglass Brewing, and Motorworks Brewing.

You'll be able to enjoy pairings of Pan-Asian bites at each station, which include okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, yakitori, gyoza, various dim sum, raw bar varieties, and multiple types of ramen and sushi. Chef Morimoto will personally host the event and be on hand to autograph his newest cookbook, Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking, which will be available for purchase. All proceeds from the cookbook sales will be donated to Give Kids The World Village. Located in Central Florida, Give Kids The World is an 84-acre, nonprofit resort built exclusively to serve critically-ill children – and their families – who are visiting Florida on weeklong “wish trips.”

"We are so excited to welcome breweries from across Florida to Morimoto Asia for this event as we raise funds for Give Kids the World," said Kyle Collins, Director of Marketing, Patina Restaurant Group. "Chef Morimoto is a big fan of the craft beer movement and pairing his cuisine with beer. He's thrilled to host such a fun afternoon."

Tickets cost $55 per person and can be purchased at https://store.patinagroup.com/event/12-beers-of-christmas (price is all-inclusive and covers tax and gratuity). Guests must be 21 years or older to attend.

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RustySporkNov 26, 2018


CaptainAmericaNov 26, 2018

I made that joke five days ago. Do better. ;)

RustySporkNov 26, 2018

Well, everyone knows that Jesus turned wine into water because he was anti-alcohol.

Hockey89Nov 26, 2018


KBLovesDisneyNov 26, 2018


KBLovesDisneyNov 26, 2018

Well, even the good book talks about drinking when you are sad and when you are having to sit next to estranged family members...well, the good Lord gave us grain for some reason other than bread.;)

Hockey89Nov 26, 2018


RustySporkNov 22, 2018

On the first beer of Christmas Morimoto Asia gave to me A bad case of Hepatitis A

"El Magnifico"Nov 22, 2018

Gonna hit this right before I leave for EPCOT and drink around the world for the holidays. Good times.

shipley731Nov 21, 2018

If this is anything like Pigs & Pints back in June, it would be difficult to get schnokered at an event like this. (Pigs and Pints was Morimoto Asia teaming up with the folks from the Polite Pig. Lots of pork, most with some sort of Asian twist. Six to eight craft breweries with multiple offerings.). The lines were a little long and the glass they gave out was kind of small. See the photo below. The coke can gives you an idea of how big the glass is. The food however was fantastic. No one under 21 allowed. The event is upstairs & on a Sunday afternoon. Not really prime time for kids anyway. We enjoyed Pigs & Pints greatly and are looking forward to 12 Beers of X-mas. Not to mention I’m totally psyched to meet Morimoto. (He wasn’t at Pigs & Pints.)

KBLovesDisneyNov 21, 2018

On the...on...on.. the um...10th. Yeah, 10th beer of chri...

KBLovesDisneyNov 21, 2018

On the 6th beer of Christmas that Disney gave to me... I...*hiccup!*... oh heyyyyy

MinthorneNov 21, 2018

Why ban alcohol when you can just ban kids! 😁

ninjaprincesstNov 21, 2018

i have a big problem with drinking at weddings as well, i'ts not necessary, you can have a nice wedding without everbody being drunk. If kids are around alcohol should not be. As a society we act like we can't function without alcohol and then wonder why we have 16 year olds drunk driving and killing people.