Hollywood and Vine begins year round seasonal dine with Minnie Mouse

Oct 27, 2015 in "Hollywood and Vine"

Posted: Tuesday October 27, 2015 7:05am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Hollywood and Vine at Disney's Hollywood Studios is moving to all character dining with the addition of year round Minnie's Seasonal Dine.

Guests will be able to join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy for dinner celebrations centered on each season. As each new season comes, unique music, décor and menu items celebrate the winter holidays, spring, summer and Halloween.

Upon arrival, Guests will have the opportunity to take a photo with a Disney Character, along with a visit from other Characters to their table. Each season also offers its own unique table activities and takeaway gifts. The diners are priced at $27.99 ages 3-9 and adults $46.99 + tax and gratuity, with some Disney Dining Plans accepted.  

Breakfast and lunch continues to feature Disney Junior Play ‘n’ Dine at Hollywood & Vine, with Disney Junior characters Jake, Sofia, Doc McStuffins and Handy Manny.

Minnie's Holiday Dine begins on November 7 2015, and here is how the upcoming year looks for diner at Hollywood and Vine, with reservations now open for the first of the new year seasons:

January 4, 2016 – March 20, 2016

Minnie Mouse is inviting all of her friends to join her at Hollywood & Vine, where she’s hosting a fabulous dinner party celebrating the glamour of Hollywood!

March 21, 2016 – June 5, 2016

Minnie’s shaking off the winter chill with a fabulous dinner party celebrating the bright and beautiful delights of spring!

June 6, 2016 – September 11, 2016

It’s a sizzling summer celebration as Minnie Mouse and all of her friends head to Hollywood & Vine for a beach-inspired dinner bash celebrating the excitement of summer!

September 12, 2016 – November 6, 2016

Head on down to Minnie Mouse’s favorite haunt as she invites all her friends for a frightfully festive Halloween dinner party at Hollywood & Vine!

November 4, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Celebrate the season with Minnie Mouse as she and all of her friends deck the halls of Hollywood & Vine for a dazzling dinner party chock-full of the cheerful togetherness of the holiday season!

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Tony the TiggerJan 07, 2016

They're sending out Tables in Wonderland invites for this now. At first I thought it was something different/special, but it's just the Minnie/Vine thingy. Minnie Mouse is inviting all of her friends to join her at Hollywood & Vine, where she’s hosting a fabulous dinner party celebrating the glamour of Hollywood! Awards season is almost upon us, and the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown is in the air! From January 4 to March 20 celebrate the magic of the movies at Hollywood & Vine--the hottest spot in town this award season. Walk the red carpet and get ready for your close-up with some of the biggest stars of the silver screen. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy are dressed in their designer best. It’s the perfect Hollywood party filled with dazzling décor and a musical score. Of course, no fabulous Hollywood party is complete without stellar eats. Scene-stealing soups (including the famous creamy popcorn soup, garnished with caramelized popcorn), best supporting appetizers, best leading entrees (bacon-wrapped pork loin, lobster and shrimp macaroni and cheese and honey-bourbon glazed turkey are headliners) and themed desserts are on the menu. Minnie’s Seasonal Dining events cost $46.99 per adult and $27.99 per child, plus tax and gratuity. Tables in Wonderland discount will be accepted. Reservations are now open for Minnie’s Silver Screen Dine, and can be made by visiting www.DisneyWorld.com/dine or by calling 407-WDW-DINE. For more information regarding Minnie’s Silver Screen dining and all of Minnie’s Seasonal Dining experiences, please click here. Disclaimer: Separate Theme Park admission required. All event details, including menus and available discounts are subject to cancellation or change without notice.

alissafalcoNov 04, 2015

Does anyone know when the booking window will open for March-June? It's 4 months away and the website just says booking not yet available. Seems odd why we can't book yet.

MansionButler84Oct 28, 2015

Well it's the only meal in all of WDW specifically made for toddlers and preschoolers. Surely they can be given ONE option? He's quite memorable to 3-year olds. And seeing the looks on my kids' faces at seeing him makes it memorable for me. More on topic, if the food is good, I think it'll be awesome to see these characters dressed for Halloween next year! We have the Christmas dinner booked this year so I am eagerly awaiting food reviews next week. This location hasn't been historically noted for serving good food. Hopefully that will change with the price increase and introduction of seasonal food.

networkproOct 28, 2015

But Handy is soo memorable... Not. I just know there was always space to eat there anytime because the characters they had were not a big draw.

EeyoreOct 28, 2015

It's Handy Manny not Bob the builder.

DisneyFans4LifeOct 28, 2015

They aren't going anywhere; they will still be there for breakfast and lunch. Minnie and friends is only for dinner.

networkproOct 27, 2015

As to the topic I for one welcome the removal of Builder Bob, Osso, Doc McStuffins and the rest of the Disney Jr characters.

DisneyFans4LifeOct 27, 2015

Waiting until the day before to cancel is pretty harsh and can definitely mess things up for people traveling in from out of town; I can see how that can be frustrating. Though there may be situations where something came up at the last minute and they had to cancel for whatever reason. It is my practice to make reservations as soon as the day is available, but I cancel as soon as I find out I'm not going. Being in Tampa and so close to WDW...we really don't have to "plan" a trip far in advance. Though if I were out of town and planning a trip to WDW...I'd probably be planning more than 6 months out and then making ADRs as soon as the dates become available. But back on topic...I really think this is a nice addition to the park and this restaurant. The idea of changing the theming and menu up seasonally is brilliant! I wonder if this kind of thing will trickle into the other character dinings like at Crystal Palace.

rob0519Oct 27, 2015

We're taking a quick 3 night trip starting Nov. 21 when we return from a cruise. I wish it was DCL, but at their prices we had to settle for NCL this time around. So far, over the last three weeks, the only dining ADR I could get, that we wanted, is a 9:00 PM at Crystal Palace. I was hoping Liberty Tree Tavern would be open by then, but it doesn't look like the refurb will be finished. With the crowds in the park and the dining packages, a walk up table service in the parks is totally a thing of the past.

rucifeeOct 27, 2015

I tried to get an ADR yesterday while I was in the park, nope, 9:40 was the earliest reservation in MK and only one reservation was available at one restaurant. At 9:40 I'm already on my way home because work. Oh well, more money in the bank today thanks to MK's awful dining capacity. Passholders, we don't spend money! That's right, because we can't! :banghead:

rob0519Oct 27, 2015

I just tried to book dinner for a party of 5 on 11/21 and of course there are no tables available. Yes, there may be 50 or so restaurants with availability on any given day, probably less on weekends, but there will always be the more popular restaurants and ones with character dining that are almost always fully booked. I know people in Tampa and Orlando that make multiple reservations as soon as the days become available for the weekends and then wait until the day before to cancel the ones they don't want. Things like that make it difficult on the out of town travelers.

Disneyhead'71Oct 27, 2015

If we want to continue this convo, we should start another thread. We've really junked this one up. Mom should probably bring out the big pink erasure and clean it up for us. I think there are only about 5 posts over 2 pages about the actual new character meal.

DisneyFans4LifeOct 27, 2015

I don't have any binders or Excel spreadsheets lol. I truly just enjoy going to Disney and being in that environment. I usually don't let heavy crowds get to me because I make FPs for the attractions I truly want to do. I fill in the rest with what's available. I know...I'm a Disney freak...can't help it. Why else would I pay $47 for a buffet haha.

Disneyhead'71Oct 27, 2015

You guys also live on a Disney forum. You are not the average traveler. Regular folks don't make a hobby of planning Disney trips. They don't have special Disney Trip Planning Binders filled with spreadsheets and touring plans. Normal travelers consider that behavior kinda odd.