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Dec 23, 2020 in "Gideon's Bakehouse "

Opening day at Gideon's Bakehouse Disney Springs
Posted: Wednesday December 23, 2020 10:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Gideon's Bakehouse, the legendary local Orlando gourmet cookie store, is now open in The Landing at Disney Springs.

Gideon's offers a range of nearly half-pound gourmet cookies (including seasonal varieties), cake slices and coffees.

Cookies are $6 each, and cake slices are $9 each. There is a limit of 6 cookies person, and due to high demand, a virtual queue is in place to enter.

The interior design offers a level of detail that rivals some of Disney's best, loaded with thousands of real books and custom artwork. It takes on an intimate feel reminiscent of something found in Harry Potter or the Haunted Mansion. Designers even took a cue from Disney's Main Street U.S.A. and are pumping the cookie smell out into the street outside.

The counter features a fire-smoke effect.

As for the cookies - they are without doubt the best cookies we have ever tried. Gideon's needs to be on your list for Disney Springs shopping - nothing else to say.

You can find Gideon's in The Landing, just across from Wine Bar George and Raglan Road. Operating hours are from 10am daily.

Click the gallery for more pictures of Gideon's at Disney Springs and check out the video below for a quick look inside.

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SirwalterraleighJul 24, 2021

Everything in there is very good.

MousertainmentJul 24, 2021

Yassssss. (And that's coming from someone who has only tasted them after a friend of a friend bought them and mailed them to me cross-country after their trip, so I tasted them after they were a week old, then froze the extras and reheated over the next few weeks and continued to enjoy them.) I can't even imagine how good they'd be fresh... 😍

SoFloMagicJul 23, 2021

LOL. Not a Disney acronym. A real world one!

Beacon JoeJul 23, 2021

Andes? As in the choco-mint thins? Okay, I might wait around 3 hours to try that. Gonna need to order a side of metformin though. :D And thanks to the Moderator for moving my question into this thread. I swear I searched for both "gideon" and "gideon's" and didn't find this large thread.

BocabearJul 23, 2021

The whole tiny shop is an experience...More akin to Harry Potter than anything at Disney Springs... The cookies are good... the Andes Cake Slice is the best thing...aside from the coffee cake cookie. I am hoping after it is there for a while the hype wears off and it will be easier to get into. but I will say it again...the Andes Chocolate cake slice... OMG

Beacon JoeJul 23, 2021

I was scratching my head trying to figure out what restaurant or coffee place in Disney Springs had the initials PB. :D

SoFloMagicJul 23, 2021

Sorry, peanut butter. Cookies are good. A lot of it is hype. But they have good stuff and a really cool atmosphere. But the coffee cake cookie is life-changing.

Beacon JoeJul 23, 2021

What's PB? And how are the cookies?

SoFloMagicJul 23, 2021

PB cold brew is awesome. Certainly worth it if you're doing other things in springs. Not so worth it if you're sitting on a bench for 2 hours waiting. I say show up at 11, walk around springs for 90 minutes, then grab a pb cold brew and a coffee cake cookie.

Beacon JoeJul 23, 2021

I have to ask. Is it at all worth the wait? Line up to sign up for the virtual queue, then you return when texted, so you can stand in line for a while just to even enter the bakery. Basically Rise of the Diabeetus, except I assume the ovens don't break down every hour. I was long gone from Disney Springs before I finally received my text. Did I miss out on something awesome? The cookie photos do look delicious though.

Master YodaJul 15, 2021

They currently have a virtual queue set up with a wait that seems to range from 2-3 hours. If you head straight to Gideon's when you arrive at DS and get into the queue, you should have time to bump around DS and have lunch or dinner before your spot opens up. If Gidedeon's is all you want @wdwmagic advice is spot on.

DznyGrlSDJul 15, 2021

I went to Springs Monday after work and put my name on the virtual list around 545p - they told me 3 hours - we had dinner reservations at Homecomin' and after 2 hours it was our turn for cookies. I was in/out of Gideon's by 8p.

wdwmagicJul 15, 2021

Yeah you want to be there an hour prior to opening ideally.

Payne0525Jul 15, 2021

How early do you need to get there? I assume there be a line when it opens?