Epcot's Garden Grill to expand operating hours to breakfast and lunch

Jul 28, 2015 in "Garden Grill Restaurant"

Posted: Tuesday July 28, 2015 8:35am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Garden Grill Restaurant at The Land pavilion in Epcot's Future World will begin offering breakfast and lunch later this year.

Since lunch was discontinued a few years back, the Garden Grill has only served dinner, but starting November 8 2015, the restaurant will also offer breakfast and lunch.

Operating hours will be 8am to 10:30am for breakfast, 11:30am to 3pm for lunch, and dinner 4pm to 8pm. All three periods will offer the family-style dining service, and will feature characters appearances by Pluto, Chip and Dale, and Mickey.

The Garden Grill will also be offering breakfast, lunch and dinner packages with seating at this year's Candlelight Processional.

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yedliWJul 31, 2015

I had been looking online, and didn't see anything for our group. Is the Garden Grill one of the places that would let us combine 2 ADRs if we went that route? We have never eaten there..

dreamfinderJul 31, 2015

Have you tried looking via the online tool, bypassing CRO completely? Calling doesn't have any benefits to using the online tool, they don't have a hidden pile of ADRs to pull from that you can't get online. I just pulled up times for parties of 3, 4 and 5 on 11/15 (if I'm reading your posts RE your date correctly). You could try to grab bookings for 2 smaller groups and then ask to be seated together when you arrive, but some places won't do that. Larger groups are usually limited to the tables they can be sat at.

yedliWJul 31, 2015

I just called again.. when I said I wanted to book a breakfast, she quickly said that they only do dinner there.. when I corrected her, she said she checked yesterday, and there was nothing.. I told her that I knew people (on here..) had already secured ADRs for breakfast and or lunch.. she said she didn't know how they did it.. since they can't look.. Something needs to be done with the dining program.. it is getting pretty frustrating.. and we aren't going during a particularly busy season.. I would hate to see how bad it is over a holiday or during summer or spring break..

scpergjJul 31, 2015

One of our favorite character 'meals' many years ago was the Ice Cream Social (I think that's what they used to call it) at the Garden Grill. We took our kids probably 10 or more years ago, and had a really nice ice cream sunday while playing with the characters. Chip and Dale even ran around with kids in tow, generally wreaking havoc throughout the place. I wonder if the kids would remember that if we had breakfast there on our (not even planned yet) last trip with both kids in school trip...sigh...

Figments FriendJul 31, 2015

Characters have the marvelous ability to 'read' their audience and then take cues from where to go from there. I speak from experience in the past, being 'friendly' with a few famous non-Disney characters. I think this is where some adults might be getting the impression that Character's don't want to play with them and only want to focus on the kids. Not true in most situations, especially something like a contained 'Character Meal' experience. The Characters are there to give you a good time...and a source of entertainment. How willing and open you visibly make yourself to them determines what kind of interaction you have with them....good or not so good. If you send out clear, visible signals that you are 'ready to play' ( look at the Character, smile, wave, talk to them, etc. ) they will come right over and play. The more enthused or interactive you are, within comfortable reasons, the more the Characters will interact with you. They feed off of the energy of the audience, and most are thrilled to find someone open to playing. It gets very boring just walking around, posting for photos, and waving. YOU just might end up making a Characters day by enabling them to play and break out of that tedious pattern ! For those not wanting to partake in Character interactions at a meal, you simply send out different 'signals' and they will react differently. Sit like a wart on a log, and they will pass you right by thinking you are not interested in playing. I have done meals with large groups and observed how well each Character that passed by read each person differently and reacted in a appropriate ( but not rude ) way. It's all part of the Casting and training of would-be 'Friends of Characters'. The good ones always know how to properly 'read' their audience and adjust their performance accordingly. :)

yedliWJul 31, 2015

It would be a party of 7.. 5 adults, 1 child (4yo) and an infant (18mo)

MuktaJul 30, 2015

Do you have a really big group? I see a table for 4 on 11/5 at 9:25 am.

yedliWJul 30, 2015

We'll be in EPCOT on the 15th. The online tool lists it in the hours, but when I check for a table, nothing is available. I haven't checked other days, since we will be in other parks.. EPCOT isn't a huge draw for the people we will be going with, so 1 day will be plenty for them.

MuktaJul 30, 2015

when are you going? breakfast doesn't start until 11/8, but most days had ADRs open when I checked online.

asianwayJul 30, 2015

What I had said was, if you, as an adult diner, smile and wave at the characters, (then go back to eating) the characters will pass you by. Typically

blackfootedcatJul 29, 2015

I actually have heard multiple accounts (of parties with adults only) that the characters at GG *don't* just smile, wave and move on. I'm sure they gauge table by table if you're interested in them, so they won't bug you if you want to be left alone. However, from what I understand the interactions at GG are supposed to be a lot better than any other meal if you want them to be. I know a couple that had Chip sit down and try to eat off their plate, for example. I have never been, so of course feel free to correct me, but as someone who loves characters, the many accounts I've heard are why I am looking forward to dining there in December. I thought the "smile and wave" brush by of characters was one of the reasons character meals hold so much disdain from adult diners anyway? That's why I have never tried one as an adult. I don't need to pay extra to dine with characters if they are going to ignore me. That being said, as much as I love the characters, they do add an uneccesary premium, so I understand why many wish for a character-free option. I wish for that for CRT, which I ate at years ago before it turned into a Princess-fest. I hope at some point they change that for one of the meals, but I'm not holding my breath.

yedliWJul 29, 2015

entirely possible.. she had no idea of the construction going on for the new Adventureland Veranda.. but nothing is available on the day we are planning on being in EPCOT.. :(

Ariel854Jul 29, 2015

We got ours yesterday by looking for a reservation online.

MansionButler84Jul 29, 2015

They are available online. She was misinformed and too lazy to check.