Where to find your favorite Flame Tree Barbecue dishes during its refurbishment

Jan 06, 2015 in "Flame Tree Barbecue"

The Flame Tree Barbecue is currently closed for a major remodel which is expected to last through until April 2015.

During the closure, some of the Flame Tree dishes are being made available at nearby kiosks.

  • Jumbo Turkey Legs and Pork Sandwich are available at Trilo-Bites near the entrance to Dino Land U.S.A.
  • Half Chicken, St. Louis Style Ribs can be found at Beastly Kiosk and Garden Kiosk near the exit of Tough to be A Bug.

The remodel will bring a number of improvements to the restaurant's outdoor seating area. More covered areas will be installed, including covering the walkways between the seating areas. The ordering area will also see an expansion of its roof, covering guests placing orders.

The remodel is expected to take approximately three months, with a reopening in early April 2015.

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Article Posted: Jan 06, 2015 / 9:00am EST