PHOTOS - Finishing details being applied to La Crêperie de Paris in EPCOT's France Pavilion

Sep 09, 2020 in "La Crêperie de Paris"

La Crêperie de Paris construction - September 8 2020
Posted: Wednesday September 9, 2020 8:39am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The latest views of La Crêperie de Paris in EPCOT's France Pavilion show the exterior is nearing completion.

Part of the expansion that will also include Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, La Crêperie de Paris will become the pavilion's fifth dining location and will feature the cuisine of chef Jérôme Bocuse, who also runs the pavilion’s Chefs de France brasserie and Monsieur Paul.

With a menu inspired by the Brittany region of France, the new location will offer table service dining as well as a quick-service stop for savory crepes called galettes and sweet crepes.

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Movielover15 days ago

Epcot's Paris does lack that authentic urine smell that lingers over real life Paris. Well you know what they say, "getting busy peeing or get busy dying"! ;)

MansionButler8417 days ago

Graffiti is saved for Avengers Campus. I did once see someone peeing in public during Food and Wine. There’s still time to add that streetmosphere.

HauntedPirate18 days ago

True! To add even more authenticity, add in some police armed with automatic weapons as well.

SpoiledBlueMilk18 days ago

They need some streetmosphere - hire some yellow vest protesters.

HauntedPirate18 days ago

With people selling cheap knock-off souvenirs and pickpockets nearby! 😂

EPCOT-O.G.18 days ago

(Bob Iger clears throat) “This is…Authentically Disney and distinctly Applebee’s”

SpoiledBlueMilk18 days ago

Well if you wanted authentically Parisian, it would be a storefront covered in graffiti.

HauntedPirate18 days ago

Oh that looks wonderful, authentically Parisian!!! Wait… *Thinks back to visiting a few places in Paris* No, no it doesn’t. This is more of the bland generic “modern” design that has infected Disney these days like … a bad disease that you can’t get rid of (keeping it family friendly). Minimal effort, maximum profit. #ThanksBobs

castlecake2.018 days ago

This is true

Magicart8718 days ago

Mickey reads our feedback here too.

castlecake2.018 days ago

Ok I’ve changed my mind, it looks rushed and although it looks nice, sticks out from the rest of works showcase with its sterile design. Perhaps because WSC hasn’t had any new updates for so long it sticks out more while being surrounded by an almost 40 year old theme park. I think it was also added late at a request by the third party that operates the food services. All of that coupled with Covid possibly restricting budgets we get this. While nice looking, it feels off and the pavilion deserves better. I’ve said this in many threads, but it’s worth emailing GR about if you’re not happy. Yes you’ll get the “thanks for being such a great fan” standard letter back, but your feedback does go to the park’s executive leadership team. The amount of time we spend on here discussing these things on here we could take a moment to send our thoughts to the mouse himself.

UNCgolf18 days ago

No, I know. I wasn't suggesting they'd actually done that. I was merely saying that's the quality level -- not necessarily build quality but design/theme quality.

James Alucobond18 days ago

It's weird because the materials feel like they're straight out of a WDW restroom, which often has a similar brown-and-tan palette with natural stone ceramics. It's as if they couldn't shake what the building was originally supposed to be. In an odd reversal, some of the materials in the expansion restrooms would actually work better in the crêperie to help brighten the space, like the embossed wallpaper.

dreday318 days ago

I think, from video, the rest of the Rat expansion, the outside, actually looks pretty awesome. I bet Mary Poppins would have been cool.