Coral Reef Restaurant closing for short refurbishment in August

Jul 03, 2017 in "Coral Reef Restaurant"

Posted: Monday July 3, 2017 2:50pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Coral Reef Restaurant is scheduled for a brief refurbishment later this summer.

The closure is planned to begin on August 27 through to August 29, reopening to guests on August 30 2017.

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bigrigrossJul 05, 2017

Exactly. I go to Red lobster if I want seafood for lunch. For dinner, there are much better places for actual seafood. Not that frozen stuff they feed you at Red lobster.

HakunamatataJul 05, 2017

And thats not saying much...

danyoung56Jul 05, 2017

All I can go on is my own experience. And while I'm not a gourmand or anything, I know a good hunk o' fish when I eat it.

Hockey89Jul 05, 2017

Ok. Many people disagree with you definition of "excellent" which is fine....

danyoung56Jul 05, 2017

I've eaten there maybe 20 times over the years, and only once did I have a meal that was less than excellent.

Hockey89Jul 05, 2017

I'm sure the person is not.... Tons of people on this board think it's pretty bad.... Someone below compared it to Red Lobster...

bigrigrossJul 05, 2017

I was there for lunch in May and it wasnt that good. In fact, the entire place needs a revamp as it looks like something out of the early 90's. Red lobster has better food to be honest.

MansionButler84Jul 04, 2017

They just updated the menu.

aladdin2007Jul 03, 2017

This is for kitchen enhancements/maintenance, had been planned back in May then bumped up or so I was told.

danyoung56Jul 03, 2017

I can only guess you're just kidding around, but I've always found plenty on the menu that tastes terrific.

jakemanJul 03, 2017

Will it involve completely revamping the menu into something good?