Cinderella's Royal Table closing for brief refurbishment late February 2018

Aug 21, 2017 in "Cinderella's Royal Table"

Posted: Monday August 21, 2017 1:33pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cinderella's Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to be closed late February 2018.

The closure begins February 28 through to March 2, with a reopening to guests expected on March 3 2018.

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COProgressFanAug 24, 2017

We were just here last week. The place looks good overall, but could certainly use some painting/cleaning/refreshing (as could many locations, honestly) and maybe that's what they're doing. For operating with such extensive hours on a daily basis, this type of work needs to get done at some point, so it makes sense to close down for a couple days to take care of those issues, which may also include kitchen work.

KBLovedDisneyAug 24, 2017

They're changing out the wands and swords. Too dangerous for kids don't ya know

The_Girl's_MomAug 22, 2017

By the skin of our nose we booked reservations for Feb. 21st. My kids would disown me if they didn't get to dine with Cinderella.

jt04Aug 22, 2017

If they don't people complain upkeep isn't like it was in the olden times.

LAKid53Aug 22, 2017


BoltAug 21, 2017

It's a restaurant that operates 16 hours a day everyday of the year - probably needs something swapped in. I mean, at the prices they charge there, they definitely aren't closing this to save money

MinnieWafflesAug 21, 2017

Cinderella has to powder her nose.

LAKid53Aug 21, 2017


BoltAug 21, 2017

Exactly why the timing/announcement happened as it did.

larryzAug 21, 2017

Well, since the restaurant is always fully booked 180 days out, that's pretty much the earliest they could close it without cancelling someone's reservations, right?

YodaManAug 21, 2017

Most of those "sudden and unplanned" ones actually either ended early or were cancelled, so I think whatever that issue was was resolved.

BoltAug 21, 2017

Very doubtful. Those were all sudden and unplanned. This one surfaced now because we are hitting the 6 month booking window.

larryzAug 21, 2017

One wonders if this might be related to the other "brief closures" other food venues have been seeing lately...