New Signature Celebration Package coming to Cinderella's Royal Table

May 02, 2019 in "Cinderella's Royal Table"

Posted: Thursday May 2, 2019 11:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cinderella's Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom will be introducing a new Signature Celebration package in August 2019.

Priced at $199 plus tax and gratuity for adults and $169 for children, the package includes a character dining experience in the castle, reserved fireworks viewing in the West Plaza Garden, and an after fireworks dessert party.

During the evening, additional extras will include a meet and greet with Cinderella and Prince Charming upon arrival at the restaurant, a complimentary sparkling wine or specialty beverage and a box of truffles.

Reservations will begin April 30 on 407-WDW-DINE. There are no discounts, nor is it on the Disney Dining Plan.

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peter11435May 16, 2019

He’s right though. There is a magic number for attractions experienced per guest that is the goal for each park. Park hours are determined and sometimes extended day off to reach that goal based on each days attendance. You can dislike it and think it’s ridiculous, but it is true. Park hours are longer on busier days because it will take longer for guests to reach that magic number.

BigThunderMattMay 16, 2019

I worked in park operations for 8 years and sat in on numerous meetings about this specific type of data. Believe whatever you want to believe about it, just because it doesn't fit your narrative doesn't make it untrue. It just means you're an outlier.

matt9112May 15, 2019

im not arguing something this rediculous spending 10 hours or 17 hours to do THE SAME THING is not the same experience.

BigThunderMattMay 15, 2019

Um yes yes the **** you did. That's precisely why hours are longer in the summer to compensate for the larger crowds. There have been vast amounts of studies internally about how many attractions a guest needs to experience to have positive intent to return (and the sweet spot is around 7-8 but it can also vary slightly depending on day-of crowd levels). Generally the less busy it is, the more attractions they have to experience, the more busy it is, the less they have to get through to have that same intent. That's why on days where attendance trends higher than forecasted it's not unprecedented for them to extend park hours.

larryzMay 14, 2019

Personally, I don't care whether it's Veuve Clicquot or Canard Froid. As long as it's cold and bubbly.

Missing20KMay 14, 2019

The bolded is indeed what I was criticizing. The Disney Parks Blog has this: The Disney Signature Celebration Package website has this under the details, but above still has sparkling wine: The blog post is nearly verbatim of the "Dining" webpage, save for the "details", so I guess it's still up in the air and could be changed from sparkling wine to champagne and back again at any time. I never thought I'd ever in my life devote this much brain power delving into the details of a Disney dinner package and whether it includes sparkling wine or a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France. 😀

matt9112May 13, 2019

no no the **** you didn't you spent 70% more time in the latter experience spent standing around sweating.

LensmanMay 13, 2019

Like I said, they're serving both sparkling wines that are labeled "sparkling wine" and one actual AOC champagne by the glass. It's not clear to me whether the champagne is excluded from this package, but if it is, I'd agree with you and call foul, but more for penny-pinching pedanticism than champagne deception. I mean, really, the champagne is only $5 more expensive than the sparkling red that they're serving, and only $1 more than the "Royal Sparkling Flight" that actually includes the champagne. Anyway, I'm sure we'll find out the details soon enough.

Missing20KMay 13, 2019

I can understand the confusion. My notion they are preying on people's ignorance is not that the CRT package excludes one from ordering Champagne, but that "sparking wine" is included. Whether they exclude one from purchasing a different sparkling wine than the one offered, I would not know.From Disney's website (emphasis mine): Cinderella and her Prince Charming will personally welcome you upon arrival to the storybook setting of Cinderella Castle and invite you to embark on your royal evening which you’ll kick off at your table with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine or a specialty beverage. While you dine, Cinderella’s Princess friends, will come to your table to greet you and take photos. So when a few posters said something about champagne, I went to look for myself, saw that it was actually sparkling wine, and then made my (admittedly a bit snarky) comment. Didn't mean any ill will towards those that were confused, but rather pointing out that fact that no Champagne was included. I wasn't saying they shouldn't advertise it correctly, but that they will almost certainly never correct any vlogger who mistakenly calls it champagne during a review. This all goes out the window of course if they are serving one of the grandfathered brands, but in that case, I would expect them to call it champagne in the advertising. And yes, totally agree, many sparkling wines are superior to Champagne.

LensmanMay 13, 2019

If that was your intent, then it certainly wasn't clear to me and since a number of posters mentioned champagne right before yours and suck mockery is pretty common, I made the assumption and if I was incorrect then I apologize. But on this notion that you were accusing Disney of preying on people's ignorance, where is the fine print that says that the champagnes that they serve at CRT are excluded from the package? It's not entirely clear to me that they were using "sparkling wine" in the exclusive "sparkling wines that aren't from Champagne" rather than the broad category "sparkling wine" that is inclusive of both sparkling wines from Champagne as well as the ones that are not. They serve both*. As a matter of clarification they also serve wines by the glass and, though technically those aren't included in the "free glass of sparkling wine or a specialty cocktail" that they list, I was wondering if you could have a glass one wine as your complimentary alcoholic beverage. If not, I'd call out Disney as being "cheap" for excluding it from their $199 "signature" package. I'd call *that* the real deception. Actually, thinking about it a bit, how can your accusation against Disney even make sense? If Disney's is serving sparkling wine, what alternative do they have but to advertise that people buying the package can get a free glass of sparkling wine? And let's not get snobby here, there are several sparkling wines that are better than the lower tier of champagnes. Apologies if I come off as snobby or patronizing. * Disney serves "Enchantée Champagne Brut", which is apparently a private label produced for them by Nicolas Feuillatte.

Missing20KMay 13, 2019

You're probably referring to my comment and as a quick defense, I wasn't trying to mock a novice for making the mistake, but calling to light that Disney created the package with a sparkling wine, simply because so few people realize there is a difference between the two. Sparkling wines can certainly be as good or better than, a "proper" Champagne, but I think Disney hopes people are getting the two confused, so that the package seems to be of a higher "value" than it may in fact be. "Champagne" sounds fancier, more expensive, and of a "higher class" than does "sparkling wine". Disney clearly states sparkling wine in the details, but I'm confident in saying they have no issues at all with bloggers, vloggers, and forum posters claiming they get "Champagne" with this package.

Tony the TiggerMay 09, 2019

Oh, I will get my money’s worth in drinks. (Promise!)

Tony the TiggerMay 09, 2019

Just presenting an alternate theory of the case. People have different ways of doing Disney. If they understand not everyone is just like them, certain things can at least be understandable.

larryzMay 09, 2019

This whole thing tracks with the Rose and Crown "fireworks surcharge." I expect Crystal Palace to do the same in the MK, followed shortly by any Epcot restaurant that looks out onto the lake, especially as we get closer to RoE's demise.