Chicken Guy! officially opens today at Disney Springs

Aug 03, 2018 in "Chicken Guy!"

Chicken Guy sneak peak preview
Posted: Friday August 3, 2018 10:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Chicken Guy!, the latest fast-casual restaurant at Disney Springs officially opens its doors to guests today.

The menu features all-natural chicken tenders that are hand-pounded and breaded fresh every day. Choose tenders fried or grilled, on a sandwich or on their own, and combine with 22 different dipping sauces for endless combinations.

Operating hours are 11am to midnight daily. Cast members can get a 15% discount, and stay tuned for more discounts for Passholders etc.

Check out our pre-opening Chicken Guy! sneak peek for a look at the restaurant, the food and menu.

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The Mighty TimSep 13, 2018

I went there yesterday and I really liked it. That bring said, I'm from the UK and we don't have quite the variety of fried chicken chains as the US. Still, I really liked the teriyaki and chipotle ranch sauces I had.

preludevtec01Sep 05, 2018

Chik-fla WAS the best, in the 80's/90's. Before they branched out of the south. Zaxbys is the best!!!!

SyracuseDisneyFanSep 04, 2018

I want to try it on my next visit.

John park hopperSep 03, 2018

Food may not be good but they are still putting drinks in plastic cups with plastic lids and plastic straws. Guess Chicken Guy didn't get the memo on banning plastic straws.

Walt dSep 03, 2018

Turns out booby igor is all ready to close this down, and build something new in its spot...

KnightRoninSep 02, 2018

Pretty much the same here this morning (Saturday) with a family of five. I thought the sandwich was a little tastier than the tenders and, in a pinch, I'd eat there again. My youngest (18) was having none of it. He's a chicken tenders connoisseur and proclaimed them "awful". The sauces we had were okay, The life sized pic of Guy holding a chicken made me smile -- it was the perfect amount of tacky. I was a bit surprised that it wasn't busier at 11:45.

"El Magnifico"Sep 01, 2018

Tried it Wednesday night. About $50 for a family of 4. Not the best I've ever had...but not the worst. Cooke's will run you about the same as will Polite Pig, Deluxe and several others. You're not going to a place called "Chicken Guy" for a Michelin quality meal. But if you're looking for some tenders with hot sauce. It works. That being said....chicken tenders at Splitsville are just as good.

DisneyJayLSep 01, 2018

And you don’t need to say anything else!

disney4life2008Aug 31, 2018

At the beyonce concert a 4 piece chicken tenders and fries was 12. Bottled water was 5. It was delicious and filling.

wdwmagicAug 31, 2018

PHOTOS - Chicken Guy! Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony with Guy Fieri

wdwmagicAug 29, 2018

Meet Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri August 30 at Disney Springs for the Grand Opening of Chicken Guy! Begins at 11am.

wannabeBelleAug 07, 2018

I mostly agree, although this seems to be a great deal for an onsite offering in comparison to the other places you can get chicken type of fast food onsite. I think that is a very valid comparison. Marie

RainemanAug 07, 2018

You can't bring cost into this-comparing the cost of a combo at Chick-Fil-A to the same type of combo at a restaurant on Disney property is like comparing apples to oranges. Almost every entertainment venue-arenas, stadiums, amusement parks, theme parks-will have a higher cost for a particular dish than a stand alone restaurant that is not part of the type of venues I just mentioned. The quality of the food would be a valid point, but the cost isn't, IMO.

PhonedaveAug 06, 2018

Same here. Maybe it is just me, but having all of this gimmicky stuff (sauce slingers, cruncified burgers, food on fire, etc) just takes away from the food. Now some gimmicks work, because the food is secondary to the gimmick - nobody goes to Medieval Times because they have a hankering for rotisserie chicken and a toaster pastry, they go for the show. In a place like Chicken Guy, nobody goes because they want to see a sauce slinger, they go for the food. Just knock off the gimmicks and concentrate on a clean, well lit, efficient restaurant with good food.