A look at BoardWalk Deli construction as its opening nears on Disney's BoardWalk

Aug 11, 2022 in "BoardWalk Deli"

Boardwalk Deli construction - August 11 2022
Posted: Thursday August 11, 2022 12:33pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

BoardWalk Deli is expected to open next week on Disney's BoardWalk, and crews are busy working on the exterior this week.

Signage is being changed, and the BoardWalk surrounding the former BoardWalk Bakery and BoardWalk Ice Cream shop is getting some attention.

BoardWalk Bakery, BoardWalk Ice Cream, and the former ESPN Club are all currently closed, and revised operating hours are in place for other locations.

Find out more about the new BoardWalk Deli.

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DCBaker18 minutes ago

“Soon, crews will start working on a new coffee shop in the BoardWalk lobby, replacing Dundy’s Sundries, which will permanently close its doors on October 3. Guests will still be able to find a full selection of merchandise at the nearby Screen Door General Store.” https://www.orlandoparksnews.com/2022/09/dundys-sundries-to-permanently-close-in.html

lightningtap3477 days ago

From Jersey, moved here recently. Wanted to try it out and had the Italian. It was fine. Still missing sandwiches from Jersey, but Stasio's has mostly filled the void. And honestly, the Italian at Today Cafe at Universal has no business being as good as it is.

Hatboxer7 days ago

Thanks for the scoop!

TDLFan7 days ago

As far as the room/lobby refurb goes, I've heard keeps getting pushed back. I was told it was supposed to start this fall, then winter, then early 23. I think March is very likely to be in the midst, or at least the start of the project as those rooms are on life support.

Hatboxer7 days ago

Does anyone know anything about the room refurb schedule? Or lobby for that matter? Considering booking a March 23 stay but would rather not stay in the throes of ongoing refurb. Have scrolled through a ton of threads and haven’t found that info!

Smiley/OCDAug 20, 2022

I’m genuinely interested to know if anyone has eaten at the deli and if so, how was it?

TrojanUSCAug 19, 2022

It is a shame I think had they kept just one of the Pleasure Island nightclubs open (Mannequins perhaps), it would have continued to do pretty well. ADH is so generic and relatively inaccessible that it keeps people away.

Smiley/OCDAug 19, 2022

The two times we were there, the bands were excellent and the food was very good…would definitely go again

NunuAug 19, 2022

Good info, thanks! :) I've only been there once (a while ago), and only during Happy Hour. I might check it out again one evening, on a future visit.

bhg469Aug 19, 2022

They used to do arial acts and stuff but that was put on hold during covid. They still have live music. It's just a really chill bar lounge restaurant now. Having said that, one of their bartenders is ranked in the top hundred in the country and was about to compete for a higher rank.

NunuAug 19, 2022

True. How about The Edison at DS?, do you know? I hear that it becomes somewhat of a nightclub later in the evenings.

bhg469Aug 19, 2022

Maybe somewhere on i-drive or downtown could be close but we're talking about Disney world here.. There will probably never be a Vegas style.... Anything there.

NunuAug 19, 2022

Thanks. That's disappointing, a Las Vegas nightclub it is not then, lol.

UNCgolfAug 19, 2022

The only way I'd go into the Dance Hall is if they had a live band/orchestra playing standards. That's what it should be for the location, and it would also be far more interesting. From a financial standpoint I can't imagine that would work, though, and I'm sure they aren't going to do that.