Ample Hills Creamery files for bankruptcy

Mar 16, 2020 in "BoardWalk Ice Cream"

Posted: Monday March 16, 2020 7:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ample Hills Creamery has filed Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of New York.

The ice cream store which operates a location on Disney's Boardwalk is struggling with costs associated with a new factory. According to reports, the chain plans to restructure its debt and continue operations at its 16 locations.

Despite construction walls going up for a new Ample Hills Disney Springs location, we understand that very little work has actually taken place inside. There is no word yet on if the Disney Springs location will be completed.

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ThelazerJun 25, 2021

Salt And Straw... man can't wait!

jt04Jun 24, 2021

A gelato on the beach in Gela in July. Priceless.

Horizons '83Jun 24, 2021

True. Like I said I am not the person to go to for ice cream recommendations :D I didn't even hear about that listeria recall. We usually only get ice cream or gelato at Epcot for some reason. We did enjoy Italy's gelato. 👍

Kevin_WJun 24, 2021

I think Jeni's is a bit overrated (and quite overpriced) and I'm not sure how they survived the Listeria recall and associated shutdown. (I'm sure that listeria problem tainted my view of the company.)

jt04Jun 23, 2021

Love Ghirardelli but Disney Springs could use another dedicated ice cream venue. And competition is always good for the customers. 🍨

Magic FeatherJun 23, 2021

In general, I believe that most Springs retailers are not subject to Disney Look.

Horizons '83Jun 22, 2021

Ah interesting, thanks for that info.

TrainsOfDisneyJun 22, 2021

Extreme hair color, face piercings, tattoos (although tattoos are Disney look now).

Horizons '83Jun 22, 2021

Good to know, I've never had salt and straw, so I for sure try it. Just curious, what does "non-Disney looks mean?

TrainsOfDisneyJun 22, 2021

Jeni’s is very good. I think you’ll find salt and straw just as good. They both rate way over Ample Hills in my book. Oh fun fact - if it’s the same agreement as California expect to see “non-Disney” looks from the salt and straw scoopers.

Horizons '83Jun 22, 2021

I wish it wasn't. I'm not a huge ice cream person but Jeni's is something I would seek out. SO GOOD.

the.dreamfinderJun 21, 2021

That was a joke.

wdwmagicJun 21, 2021

Not happening

the.dreamfinderJun 21, 2021

What if Jeni’s swoops in at the last minute?